Sale 1263 — The George J. Kramer Collection of U.S. & C.S.A. Telegraph Covers

Sale Date — Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Category — Civil War -- Post-War

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1263, Lot 96, Civil War -- Post-WarUnited States Military Telegraph Operating in the Former Confederate States. Two covers and two matching telegrams which nicely illustrate the final chapter in Civil War telegraphic history, first cover with "American Telegraph Co. South, Under Control and Supervision of United States Military Telegraph" imprint, the "United States Military Telegraph" in larger type than the rest of the imprint, with matching imprint on telegram dated July 21, 1865, second cover with similar imprint but reversed emphasis with the first part larger, "American Telegraph Company Southern District, Under Control and Supervision of U.S. Military Telegraph" imprint and "The Southern Telegraph Companies" telegram dated July 25, 1865, requests an accounting of seven absent commissioned Confederate officers, Very Fine, the U.S. Military Telegraph Commission remained and operated in the former Confederate States for a brief period following the end of the war, the second telegram here demonstrates that they continued to use the Confederate stock of imprint sheets on hand, the imprints on these two covers demonstrate the regaining of the telegraph lines by the American Telegraph Company, latter two items illustrated in Confederate Philatelist (No. 311, p. 181), see our website PDF for a complete scan

E. 750-1,000