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Sale 1109 — U.S. 1847-69 Issues, featuring the Kenneth D. Gilbart Collection

Sale Date — Wednesday, 30 September, 2015

Category — 1c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover, Plate One Early (Scott 7-8A)

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1109, Lot Number 382, 1c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover, Plate One Early (Scott 7-8A)1c Blue, Ty. II (7), 1c Blue, Ty. II (7)1c Blue, Ty. II (7). Positions 1-2R1E, horizontal pair with large top left corner sheet margins, other sides full to ample, bright Plate 1 Early color, light strikes of grid cancel and small trace of manuscript in left margin, right stamp vertical crease, Very Fine appearance, as Neinken states in his book on p. 61, "For both of these positions [1R1E and 2R1E], the Type I relief was first used, then both positions were erased. A poor job of burnishing was done, and strong traces of both original entries remained when the "T" relief (roll No. 1) was used to finally enter them."

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