Sale 1032 — The Nick Kirke Collection of Gem-Quality Used U.S. Stamps

Sale Date — Tuesday-Wednesday, 23-24 October, 2012

Category — 1909 Commemoratives and 1908-12 Washington-Franklin Issues (Scott 367-396)

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1032, Lot 3482, 1909 Commemoratives and 1908-12 Washington-Franklin Issues (Scott 367-396)2c Alaska-Yukon, Imperforate (371). Massive Jumbo margins showing portions or traces of all five adjoining stamps, sheet margin at right, bright color, neat wavy-line machine cancel, Extremely Fine Gem, with 2004 P.F. and 2005 P.S.E. certificates (Gem 100 Jumbo; SMQ $190.00 as 98, unpriced in higher grades), collectors who assume the imperforate 1909 Commemoratives in Gem 100 grade are in abundant supply because of the high number available in unused condition would do well to note the extreme rarity of such stamps in used condition, since this stamp was graded seven years ago it has remained the sole example in the 100J grade (two regular 100's recorded)