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Price History for Scott 357-358 in Used 90 Grade

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PSE Population report and SMQ pricing data provided by Professional Stamp Experts (P.S.E.)

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Three things to keep in mind when looking at the above results (unsolds are not included):

  1. It is important to look at the individual data points listed below. Price swings up may be due to varieties such as broken hat or other positives such as cancels. Price swings down may be due to factors such as faults on items that would have graded higher if they were sound, and may not be considered as desirable as a sound copy in this grade.
  2. When looking at multiple grades on the graph, grades with the same population numbers may show overlapping.
  3. At the time of an auction, the SMQ value has already been published and is available to bidders. Increases or decreases in SMQ value prior to the auction may affect the price realized.

This information is provided for hobbyists and is not intended to represent philatelic material as an investment or financial instrument. Past performance is neither an indication nor guarantee of future performance. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, but Siegel Auction Galleries (including its representatives and affiliates) is not liable for errors or omissions of any kind. "SMQ" refers to Stamp Market Quarterly, a copyrighted publication, and the information is used with the copyright holder's permission.

Cat./Est. Value
The Barry K. Schwartz Collection of U.S. 1909 Bluish Paper Issue
PSE 90
Sale Number 1148, Lot Number 107, One-Cent Green, Two-Cent Carmine (Scott 357-358)1c Green, 2c Carmine, Bluish (357-358), 1c Green, 2c Carmine, Bluish (357-358)1c Green, 2c Carmine, Bluish (357-358). Wide margins and choice centering, 1c wavy-line machine cancel, 2c very light cancel, rich colors, Extremely Fine, 1c with 2011 P.F. and 2006 P.S.E. certificates (XF 90), 2c with 2003 P.F. and 2005 P.S.E. certificates (XF 90), total SMQ $500.00, P.S.E. Population Report for 1c is five 90 (and one 95) and for the 2c one 90 (and two 95)

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