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Price History for Scott 356 Pair in Used 70 Grade

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Three things to keep in mind when looking at the above results (unsolds are not included):

  1. It is important to look at the individual data points listed below. Price swings up may be due to varieties such as broken hat or other positives such as cancels. Price swings down may be due to factors such as faults on items that would have graded higher if they were sound, and may not be considered as desirable as a sound copy in this grade.
  2. When looking at multiple grades on the graph, grades with the same population numbers may show overlapping.
  3. At the time of an auction, the SMQ value has already been published and is available to bidders. Increases or decreases in SMQ value prior to the auction may affect the price realized.

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Cat./Est. Value
The James Depew Collection of Superb U.S. Coils and 20th Century Imperforate Issues
PSE 70
Sale Number 1202, Lot Number 2373, 1908-12 Perf 12 Horizontal Coils, Double-Line Watermark (Scott 352-356)10c Yellow, Coil (356), 10c Yellow, Coil (356)10c Yellow, Coil (356). Pair, vivid color, two neat strikes of Washington D.C. double oval cancel


According to Johl (Volume 1, page 181), only 10,000 of the 10c Washington coil stamp were issued. They were made especially for a New York firm to send out advertising samples, similar to the 3c Orangeburg coil. Only a few rolls were sold to the firm, and the remaining rolls were distributed to some of the large post offices across the country. Dealers acquired several rolls, but because most contemporary collectors did not collect coils, many were used and destroyed.

Our census of Scott No. 356 in used multiples, available at https://siegelauctions.com/census/US/Scott/356 , contains 15 pairs, one strip of four and two strips of three. Four of the extant used pairs originated on the same cover, which was prepared by Henry Hammelman and mailed in August 1911 from Washington D.C. (this pair was positions 8 and 9 from the strip of 11 on that cover). A guide line pair has been certified as genuine, but the cancel needs to be reexamined to see if it is one of the fakes produced during the last 25 years.

Census No. 356-CAN-PR-14. Ex Curtis. With 1960, 2000 and 2015 P.F. certificates (F-VF 75). With 2016 P.S.E. certificate (F 70; SMQ $5,000.00). This is the only graded used pair of Scott 356 in the P.S.E. Population Report

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