Sale 1265 — Classic United States Stamps and Covers

Sale Date — Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Category — "Houdon" 3c 1851-57: Balance Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1265, Lot 589, "Houdon" 3c 1851-57: Balance Lots3c Orange Brown, Dull Red, Ty. I, II (10, 11A, 25). Six used stamps, including No. 10 from Position 10L1i in a medium Orange Brown shade, three of No. 11A in either Experimental Orange Brown shade or approaching that shade from Positions 93R3, 27L1L and 28L3, No. 11A from Position 12R2L in a Brownish Carmine shade, last is No. 25 from Position 31R3 in a Claret shade, imperforates with four margins, few small faults, a Fine-Very Fine group, last with 2001 P.F. certificate and note from Dr. Amonette

E. 400-500
Sale 1265, Lot 590, "Houdon" 3c 1851-57: Balance Lots3c 1851 Issue, Imperforate Balance (10, 11, 11A). Ten covers, including No. 10 from Position 78R1i tied by blue grid from Utica N.Y.; top sheet margin pair of No. 11 from Buffalo N.Y. to San Francisco; No. 11A used on 3c entire from N.H. to Benicia Cal.; three of No. 11 used with 1c Ty. II (7) from Plate 3 (margins in) from Baltimore to San Francisco; two others paying either 6c or 10c transcontinental rate; a nice No. 11 with right interpane margin showing centerline, overall fresh and Very Fine group

E. 1,000-1,500
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Sale 1265, Lot 591, "Houdon" 3c 1851-57: Balance Lots3c Perforated Uses (25, 26). 17, including three with No. 25; No. 26 used with 1LB8; No. 26 on green cameo corner card cover; No. 26 with unusual orange red color; No. 26 with scratched plate; No. 26 on illustrated foundry and machine shop advertising cover and tied by "Steam Boat" straightline handstamp, fresh and Very Fine group

E. 750-1,000
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