Sale 1264 — The Stephen Rose Collection of 2c 1869 Pictorial Issue

Sale Date — Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Category — Foreign Uses: Great Britain & Ireland

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1264, Lot 330, Foreign Uses: Great Britain & Ireland2c Brown (113). Tied by segmented cork cancel on printed market report to Liverpool, England, sender's blue oval datestamp with 1870 yeardate, Very Fine circular-rate use to England

E. 200-300
Sale 1264, Lot 331, Foreign Uses: Great Britain & Ireland2c Brown (113). Horizontal strip of three, tied by segmented cork cancels with "Gold Hill Nev. Feb. 2" circular datestamp on 3c Green entire to Lancaster, England, "New York Feb. 10" circular datestamp on back, bold "INSUFFICIENTLY/ PAID" two-line handstamp and large "4-1/2" due handstamp, Lancaster receiving backstamp, left stamp couple small perf faults, Very Fine and unusual, this was underpaid for the double 6c rate, the 4-1/2 pence due marking was 1-1/2p (3c) for unpaid portion of 12c rate plus penalty of twice the unpaid portion (3p)

E. 500-750
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Sale 1264, Lot 332, Foreign Uses: Great Britain & Ireland2c Brown (113). Vertical pair and strip of three, freakish perfs (the sender used scissors to cut stamps apart), tied by segmented cork cancel, "Charleston S.C. Aug. 2" (1870) circular datestamp on cover to Liverpool, England, forwarded to London with Great Britain, 1864, 1p Red (33), red Liverpool transit, Brown, Shipley & Co. forwarder's oval, receiving backstamp, faint stains around 2c stamps and small perf faults, Fine, the 1869s overpay the 6c treaty rate, this combination is extremely unusual, illustrated in Forster 1982 Register article on mixed frankings (p. 91), ex Krug and Coulter, with 1975 P.F. certificate

E. 1,500-2,000
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Sale 1264, Lot 333, Foreign Uses: Great Britain & Ireland2c Brown (113). Horizontal pair and horizontal strip of four, tied by grid cancels, light "Orange N.J. Aug. 10" (1869) double-circle datestamp on cover to Kells County, Meath, Ireland, red "New York Paid All Aug. 12" circular datestamp, red London Paid datestamp (Aug. 23), Kells receiving backstamp, strip with natural straight edge at right, cover with small tears at bottom and most of bottom backflap removed, still Fine and rare multiple franking for the 12c rate

E. 500-750
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