Sale 1263 — The George J. Kramer Collection of U.S. & C.S.A. Telegraph Covers

Sale Date — Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Category — Telegraph Collateral and Balance

Cat./Est. Value
Telegraph Ephemera. Folder with a range of diverse material, including booklet titled "Statement of the Directors of the Western Union Telegraph, October 1, 1865", diagram of an early French telegraph, printed statement by Samuel Morse to Congress dated Jan. 4, 1839, map of the first attempted transatlantic cable, some 1940s-50s stamped covers celebrating the telegraph, others, overall Very Fine and interesting group, see our website PDF for a complete scan

E. 300-400
Telegraph Collection Balance. Carton containing a wide variety of telegraph-related items, including books such as the deluxe edition of United States Telegraph Stamps and Franks by Kramer, numbered 1/50, also The Telegraph by Coe, Wiring a Continent by Thompson, telegraphs from a range of companies including some Western Union illustrated forms, some radiograms, perhaps the best items are 12T1-12T4 card proofs in sheets of six, mixed condition but many Fine-Very Fine, a diverse group

E. 300-400
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