Sale 1262 — United States Stamps and Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 26-28 July, 2022

Category — Hawaii and U.S. Possessions

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1262, Lot 313, Hawaii and U.S. PossessionsKalakaua. Two handwritten and signed notes on different versions of official stationery, one dated Feb. 11, 1877 and written in Hawaiian, other undated and written in English, Fine-Very Fine, scarce

E. 500-750
Sale 1262, Lot 314, Hawaii and U.S. PossessionsU.S.S. McFarland, Dec. 7, 1941 -- The Day of Infamy. Clear strike of backdated duplex datestamp ties 1c and 2c National Defense (899-900) on cover addressed to "Lt. Comdr. L. N. Merritt, Patrol Wing Two, Pearl Harbor, T.H.", return address for Lt. Comdr. J.L. Kane, commanding officer of the McFarland, purple "Passed by Censor GF" with initials in manuscript, fresh and Very Fine, this backdated cover is one of a small group prepared shortly after Dec. 7, the McFarland was operating out of Pearl Harbor and conducting anti-submarine maneuvers off Maui on Dec. 7, illustrated in American Philatelist (Dec. 2011)

E. 750-1,000
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Sale 1262, Lot 315, Hawaii and U.S. PossessionsPHILIPPINES, 1934, Emilio Aguinaldo. Revolutionary, statesman, military leader, signature "E Aguinaldo Kauib, Kabite, P.I. March 26, 1934" on small envelope with his photo printed on it, addressed to Richard Fuhrmann in St. Louis, accompanied by outer envelope with there 2c stamps tied by "Manila P.I. Mar. 26 11PM 1934" postmark, stamps slightly affected from placement near edge, Very Fine and unusual

E. 200-300
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