Sale 1262 — United States Stamps and Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 26-28 July, 2022

Category — Group Lots by Issue

Cat./Est. Value
1c-10c 1861 Issue, Accumulation. Used accumulation, including ten No. 63, thirty-three No. 68 with a range of cancels including five red, eight No. 73, mixed condition, overall Fine or appear so, Scott value approximately $3,000.00

E. 300-400
3c 1861 Issue, Lifetime Accumulation (65). Massive hoard of thousands of stamps in stock books, on homemade exhibit pages and stuffed in glassines, contained in three large boxes, the vast majority are used but some unused present as well, collected for varieties of shades and a wide range of cancels, including multiples in strips and blocks, portions of monthly calendars (not complete), lots of covers mounted one to a page with a description, also four stamps identified as horizontally laid paper, of which two are quite clear (Scott value $1,100.00 each), a great many shades including many owner-identified as Rose Pink or even Pink, we are confident that at least some of the Rose Pink are correctly identified and patience may even yield a true Pink, condition is very mixed as would be expected and there is little to no organization, still careful (and time intensive) sorting should yield some useful material

E. 1,500-2,000
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Bank Note Issues Accumulation. Approximately 150 used stamps, including group of 19 90c in a range of shades, also eleven 30c stamps, large group of 12c, some other better, goes thru to No. 229, mixed condition, still a worthwhile group if only for the variety of shades, the high-denomination stamps alone have decent catalogue value

E. 1,500-2,000
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Bank Note Issues Used Accumulation. Many hundreds (perhaps over 1,000) on stockpages and a group of 3c on album pages, 1c-90c values in various quantities, all printings represented, including Grilled to 7c, some better cancels, a few multiples including a pair of 90c, mixed condition, Fine-Very Fine appearance

E. 500-750
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1893-1898 Issues Balance. 63 used stamps, includes Nos. 239 (4), 240 (4), 242 (2), 243, 290 (4), 291, mixed condition, some Fine-Very Fine, Scott value approximately

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1917-25 Issues Balance (519/617). 85 stamps, virtually all Mint N.H., including Nos. 519 (2, counted as hinged), 541 (7, one with cert), 546 (3, one with cert), 547 (2), better centering than normally seen, some shade variations, fresh and Very Fine-Extremely Fine group, Scott value approximately

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1c-3c Offset Issues (525/536). 93 stamps, all except for one or two Mint N.H., including Nos. 526 (7), 528A (3), 528B (6), 532 (4), 533 (2, one with PF certificate), 534 (12), 534A (3), 536 (7), selected by owner for superior centering, excellent subtle variations of shades (some not so subtle), Very Fine-Extremely Fine, an attractive group which would be difficult to assemble with the shade variations, Scott value approximately

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-1/2c-$5.00 Liberty Series, Plate Blocks. Many hundreds, collected as matched sets with different plate numbers, though there is undoubtedly some duplication, heavy in 3c and 4c, as they had the most different plate numbers, but includes at least 25 $1.00 and five $5.00, also a group of 3c Prexies, probably all Mint N.H., Fine-Very Fine

E. 400-500
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