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Sale 1230 — U.S. and Hawaii Stamps and Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday-Friday, 15-18 December, 2020

Category — Confederate States Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1230, Lot Number 1623, Confederate States Group Lots5c-10c Lithograph Issues, Cover Balance (1-2, 4-5), 5c-10c Lithograph Issues, Cover Balance (1-2, 4-5)5c-10c Lithograph Issues, Cover Balance (1-2, 4-5). 31 covers, wonderful range with eight of No. 1 including a pair, twelve of No. 2 including seven Stone Y (2e) and a few Hoyer & Ludwig (2b), eight of No. 4 including three pairs and Stone 3, also three of No. 5, nice range of destinations and town datestamps, mixed condition with faults to be found as usual in a Lithograph group, only one No. 2 Paterson stamp is truly defective, Fine-Very Fine or appear so, Scott value more than $13,000.00

E. 3,000-4,000
Sale Number 1230, Lot Number 1624, Confederate States Group Lots5c Typograph Issues, Cover Balance (6-7), 5c Typograph Issues, Cover Balance (6-7)5c Typograph Issues, Cover Balance (6-7). 28 covers, mostly pairs as usual but includes two single uses as well as two covers with two pairs and one with a strip of four, wide range of originations and destinations, some faults to be found but overall Fine-Very Fine and attractive group

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 1230, Lot Number 1625, Confederate States Group LotsEngraved Issues Cover Balance (11-13), Engraved Issues Cover Balance (11-13)Engraved Issues Cover Balance (11-13). 19 covers, one bearing No. 13 and the others Nos. 11-12, one with a pair, range of shades and cancels including couple in blue and one in red, mixed condition with some stamp or cover flaws to be expected, overall Fine group, Scott value more than $3,500.00

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 1230, Lot Number 1626, Confederate States Group LotsConfederate States Corner Card Covers, Confederate States Corner Card CoversConfederate States Corner Card Covers. Choice collection of 31 covers, each bearing a corner card including many with embossed cameos in color, lithograph-franked covers including six of No. 1, two of those with embossed cameos, two of No. 2 including one with a wonderful horse and buggy illustrated blue embossed cameo design, five bearing Nos. 7 or 11-12, one No. 7 pair with a nice Central Bank of Alabama embossed design in red, the rest are handstamped "Paid" uses and one with U.S. No. 26 (S.C. Dec. 1860 -- may be an Independent State use), again with many embossed cameo designs, mixed condition with flaws to be expected or more of the lithographs would have made individual lots, overall Fine and desirable group, see website PDF for complete scan

E. 2,000-3,000
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Confederate States Cover Group. Seven, pair of No. 1b and single No. 4 on patriotic covers (both with C.S.A. certificates), two No. 1 in different shades on one cover, others with General Issues in various better uses, somewhat mixed condition

E. 750-1,000
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Civil War Cover Balance. Balance of nine Confederate handstamped "Paid" covers, one "Southern Express" cover (no evidence of Confederate use), plus five covers franked with No. 65 and having some connection to the Civil War, the handstamped "Paid" covers from a variety of states including one from Texas, mixed condition, overall Fine

E. 200-300
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Sale Number 1230, Lot Number 1629, Confederate States Group LotsConfederate Currency, Confederate CurrencyConfederate Currency. Approximately 20 pieces, mostly Confederate with a few state notes and obsolete currency as well, variety of denominations and issue dates from July 25, 1861 thru 1864, better include $20.00 Type 9 from July 1, 1861, $100.00 from 1862 and 1864, also four small "C.S. Loan" interest coupons, Fine-Very Fine, see website PDF for complete scan

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 1230, Lot Number 1630, Confederate States Group LotsCivil War Currency, Civil War CurrencyCivil War Currency. 24 notes mounted on exhibit pages, five are Confederate federal issues, most of the rest are Confederate state notes, also a few Union obsolete currency and one Postage Currency (PC7), condition is unusually fresh, Very Fine, see website PDF for complete scan

E. 400-500
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