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Sale 1211 — The William H. Gross Collection: United States Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday-Wednesday, 29-30 October, 2019

Category — 1855 10¢ Green—Corner Margin Positions

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1211, Lot Number 247, 1855 10¢ Green—Corner Margin Positions, A phenomenal corner sheet-margin single of the imperforate 1855 10¢ Type I-- probably the finest single on cover extant

10¢ Green, Type I (13), Position 91R1, bottom left corner position with interpane margin at left and sheet margin at bottom, rich color, detailed impression, tied by lightly struck "Milford Conn. Nov. 20" circular datestamp on buff cover to San Francisco

Extremely Fine Gem--an extraordinary full corner-margin stamp from the bottom left of the right pane of Plate 1, neatly tied on a transcontinental cover.

The 10¢ Type I stamps only come from the 20 bottom-row positions of Plate 1. One would expect to find more copies with the bottom sheet margin intact, but this is rarely the case. When the sheet margin is present, it usually has a corner crease or handling flaw. The example offered here, with large corner margins and in completely sound condition, is a spectacular exception to the rule.

Ex Marc Haas, Louis Grunin and Robert Zoellner. Signed by Stanley B. Ashbrook.

E. 5,000-7,500
Sale Number 1211, Lot Number 248, 1855 10¢ Green—Corner Margin Positions, An extremely rare and impressive corner sheet-margin example of the 1855 10¢ Type II on cover

10¢ Green, Ty. II (14), Position 10L1, top right corner position with interpane margin at right with full centerline and wide top sheet margin, full margins on other sides, intense dark shade, tied by "San Francisco Cal. 20 Dec." circular datestamp on cover to Monticello, South Carolina, Extremely Fine Gem, an extraordinary corner-margin example, ex Grunin and Zoellner, and from our 1983 Rarities of the World sale

E. 2,000-3,000
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Sale Number 1211, Lot Number 249, 1855 10¢ Green—Corner Margin Positions, 10¢ Type III with corner sheet margins from the only Type III corner position possible

10¢ Green, Type III (15), Position 1L1, the misplaced B Relief instead of A--the only Type III corner position possible (others are Types I or II)--a superb stamp with huge portion of corner sheet margins, enormous margins on other sides, rich color, fine impression, tied by large "Michigan Bluff Cal." circular datestamp struck twice with manuscript "Feb. 1" date on blue folded cover to Washington D.C., manuscript "Due 10" for weight over half-ounce, Extremely Fine, this remarkable example of the 10¢ Type III with corner sheet margins may be unique on cover, a wonderful rarity, ex Emerson (with his "RSE" in circle backstamp), Rohloff, Grunin and Zoellner

E. 4,000-5,000
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