Sale 1203 — The Gernot Reiners Collection of Togo and Cameroon - The Anglo-French Occupation

Sale Date — Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Category — British Togo - Balances

Cat./Est. Value
TOGO (British), Postal Stationery Entire Collection Balance. 23 postal cards or registered entires on neatly annotated pages or loose, nearly all are Gold Coast cards or entires with and without Togo overprint from 1915-16, both King Edward VII and George V and incl. the different sized registered entires with four "Specimen" overprints, destinations mostly local but a few to Europe included, all from Lome except one from "Station Palime" and another from Assahun, also with two -1/2p on 5pf German Yacht postal card (Gibbs PS1), both used incl. one from Noepe, mostly Very Fine

E. 1,500-2,000
TOGO (British), Useful Balance of the Collection. Most value in about two dozen stamps, most all used and incl. lower values of the First, Second and Third Setting with values to 80pf, little duplication but some different cancels such as Lome, Station Palime, Assahun and even Anecho (French favor cancel), with 1p on 5p Second Setting "TOG" error in block with three normal, also with fourteen covers, most registered, eight with Gold Coast overprinted stamps incl. one with registry receipt still accompanying, three with late use of First and Second Setting stamps, mostly Fine-Very Fine, the single stamps alone catalogue over $3,400.00

E. 1,000-1,500
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TOGO (British), British Postmark Study Balance. Neatly written up on exhibit pages, incl. eight covers plus fourteen singles or blocks, cancels such as Assahun, different Lome incl. Gold Coast interim period and a couple used during the Post Office closure in Sept. 1914, plus scarce provisional cancel, Noepe, Station Palime and even Tsewie on -1/2p on 5pf postal card, mostly Fine-Very Fine, a useful and interesting group

E. 500-750
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