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Sale 1201 — The Dr. William H. Johnson Collection of the U.S. 1890 Small Bank Note Issue

Sale Date — Tuesday, 21 May, 2019

Category — U.S. Registry Exchange Labels

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1201, Lot Number 2125, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels5c Chocolate (223), 5c Chocolate (223)5c Chocolate (223). Used with 2c Carmine (220), cancelled by manuscript "X" on 5c Blue on amber entire (U331), similarly cancelled, to Puebla, Mexico, 2c tied by "Mexico D.F. 17.VI 91" circular datestamp, 5c tied by purple "Registrado Piedras Negras Coa." oval handstamp, back of cover with "Eagle Pass, Texas." handstamped registry label (FX-EG2) with purple "Registered Jun. 14 1891, Eagle Pass, Texas." three-line datestamp, additional Mexico registry label, barely reduced at right, Very Fine, a very rare use of the Eagle Pass registry label, only five are recorded

E. 1,000-1,500
Sale Number 1201, Lot Number 2126, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels1c Dull Blue (219), 1c Dull Blue (219)1c Dull Blue (219). Horizontal pair, used with 8c Columbian (236), tied by corks, "Belmont Cal. May 2 5PM 1894" circular datestamp on registered cover to Mexico City, Mexico, with El Paso Tex. registry label (FX-EP1a), purple straightline El Paso May 7 backstamp, large purple Juarez registry oval marking also ties stamps, receiving datestamp at left, label with few faults, still scarce as only 14 are recorded, Scott value $500.00 for the label on cover with ordinary franking, which this is not

E. 300-400
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Sale Number 1201, Lot Number 2127, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels10c Green (226), 10c Green (226)10c Green (226). Tied by purple "Registered Jun. 16, 1892, Laredo, Tex." boxed datestamp on 2c entire to Jalpan, Mexico, 10c also tied by Laredo Tex. registry label (FX-LA1), additional Mexico registry label, light horizontal file fold does not affect stamp or labels, Very Fine, an attractive use of this rare label, ex Mueller, Scott value for label on cover $1,000.00

E. 1,000-1,500
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Sale Number 1201, Lot Number 2128, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels10c Green (226), 10c Green (226)10c Green (226). Cancelled by corks on 2c Green entire to Oldenburg, Germany, blue "Registered, May 9, 1892, Seattle, Wash." three-line datestamp, with registry utility label with no office designation, New York registry division and receiving backstamps, Very Fine, very unusual with the blank registry label

E. 200-300
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Sale Number 1201, Lot Number 2129, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels15c Indigo (227), 15c Indigo (227)15c Indigo (227). Rich color, tied by New York registry oval on 10c entire to Adelaide, South Australia, red "New York, N.Y. Oct. 6, 1891 Reg." boxed datestamp with pencil registry no., purple San Francisco registry handstamp, minor edgewear, Very Fine, the use of the San Francisco registry handstamp is scarce, British Australia joined the UPU Oct. 1, 1891, less than a week before this was sent

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 1201, Lot Number 2130, U.S. Registry Exchange Labels8c Lilac (225), 8c Lilac (225)8c Lilac (225). Used with 3c Purple (268), tied by registry ovals on 2c entire with American Institute of Mining Engineers corner card to Niigata, Japan, and returned to the U.S., purple "New York N.Y. Dec. 17, 1895" oval datestamp with pencil registry number, three registry labels from Tacoma, San Francisco and Yokohama, small "Inconnu" (not known) handstamp at lower left, backstamps include Tacoma (Dec. 24), San Francisco (Dec. 27), Yokohama (Jan. 18), Niigata (Jan. 22), Victoria B.C. (Feb. 11), Winnipeg (Feb. 15) and St. Paul Minn. (Feb. 17), also Yokohama marking on front of Jan. 28, Japanese tissue address labels affixed at left, 8c stamp tear at top, some cover wear including small tear at top, Very Fine and very unusual with the three registry labels, the Niigata Prefecture was the location of the Sado gold and silver mines

E. 750-1,000
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