Sale 1199 — Gem-Quality United States Stamps

Sale Date — Wednesday-Thursday, 1-2 May, 2019

Category — Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1199, Lot 1596, Group LotsEarly 20th Century Commemoratives, Superb Graded Balance. 10 used stamps graded XF-Superb 95 by P.S.E., each with outstanding centering and margins, neat cancels, including Nos. 323 (Exposition Station cancel), 370, 397, 398, 399, 400A, 401, 402 and 537, Extremely Fine Gems, total SMQ $1,405.00

E. 750-1,000
Sale 1199, Lot 1597, Group Lots1908-20 Washington-Franklin Issues, Guide Line and Centerline Imperforate Multiples (343/535). Outstanding group of guide line pairs and centerline blocks, most of the Washington-Franklin imperforates are represented with both a pair and a block, plus a couple of larger blocks, all but perhaps one pair are Mint N.H., fresh and Extremely Fine, a desirable group of position pieces, 19 P.F. certificates accompany, Scott Retail approximately

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Sale 1199, Lot 1598, Group Lots20th Century Superb Graded Balance. 15 used stamps, each is a Gem with XF-Superb 95 grade including a few Jumbos, also one graded Superb 98, including Nos. 551, 552, 554, 572, 610 (98), 614, 618, 628 (P.F. grade), 632, 644, 645 (95J), 650 (95J), 671, 673 and 680 (95J), Extremely Fine group, total SMQ counting all as P.S.E. graded $1,765.00

E. 750-1,000
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Sale 1199, Lot 1599, Group LotsEarly 20th Century Imperforate Line Pairs and Blocks (314/373). Choice group of 11 Mint N.H. items, each is an imperforate guide line pair or centerline block, including Nos. 314 (pair and block), 320 (pair and block), 320a (pair), 368 (pair and block), 371 (pair and block), 373 (pair and block), Extremely Fine Gem group, each with P.F. certificate, Scott Retail without premium for the position pairs which are unpriced

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Intact Old-Time U.S. Collection, 1847-1936. Valuable old-time collection of unused stamps mounted in a 1936 Shobe album, offered as received with no stamps removed, the stamps are hinged to pages and gum checks reveal some original gum in the early issues as well as some no-gum and disturbed gum, later issues with original gum, includes 1847 5c and 10c Reproductions, 1857 Issue complete less one 5c, 1861 Issue complete less the shade varieties, 1869 Pictorial complete, Bank Note Issues through 90c without grills (a few are misidentified), 1890 Issue complete, Columbians complete, 1895 Bureau Issue complete, Trans-Mississippi complete, 1902 Issue through $1.00, Commemoratives and Washington-Franklins to $5.00, 1922 Issue complete and others to 1936, Air Post includes Graf Zeppelin Issue, Parcel Post complete, some condition problems to be expected with a collection of this vintage, but the colors are very fresh as this has been kept in a drawer for many decades, a desirable intact collection with enormous Scott Catalogue value

E. 20,000-30,000
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