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Sale 1212 — Superb United States Stamps and Private Die Proprietary Stamps

Sale Date — Wednesday-Thursday, 20-21 November, 2019

Category — Private Die Stamp Collections and Balances

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1212, Lot Number 596, Private Die Stamp Collections and BalancesMatch and Medicine Companies, Exceptional Collection of Illustrated Advertising Cards, Match and Medicine Companies, Exceptional Collection of Illustrated Advertising CardsMatch and Medicine Companies, Exceptional Collection of Illustrated Advertising Cards. More than 270 cards in a large stock album and some loose, most cards are housed in clear sleeves so the front and back can both be viewed, huge range of multicolored designs representing a vast array of patent medicine companies and manufacturers or retailers of other personal products, many align with the companies listed in Scott for Private Die Proprietary stamps and at least one matches the design of the stamp itself (Hunt's Remedy, a second of which is offered as lot 480), bright and fresh and exceptional condition essentially throughout


As evidenced by the quality of his stamps in this sale, the late Mr. Salmansohn was one of the most meticulous collectors we know -- and he was also well known among Revenue dealers for his condition standards. As with his stamps, he would only add a card to his collection if it was in choice condition. While a few might show some slight toning or a tiny flaw, nearly all have sharp corners and look as fresh as the day they were printed. This collection represents nearly all the cards in Mr. Salmansohn's holding. We removed only a handful of the rarest designs to offer individually or in small groups.

A PDF of the collection is available on our website. Our estimate represents only an average of $11-$15 per card, and while some do sell in that range, many bring $100 or more when offered individually

E. 3,000-4,000
Match and Medicine Private Die Proprietary Collection. Balance of the Ambassador J. William Middendorf II collection mounted on quadrille pages in two beautiful volumes, containing probably 600 different stamps by Scott number and paper type, this also includes Perfume, Playing Cards and 1898-1900 Provisional Issues, few multiples as well, largely complete, generally lacking the multi-hundred dollar Scott Retail items, the rarities and a few others, many better are included, an outstanding foundation for a collection that would take a long time to duplicate one stamp at a time, general overall condition is much better than typically encountered, 37 have been removed from the album and accompany on lot cards, a sensational lot that was mounted by Warren H. Colson well before World War II

E. 7,500-10,000
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Balance of the Ruben S. Salmansohn Collection of Private Die Proprietary Issues. A collection balance of exceptional quality, more than 200 stamps on stock pages identified by Scott number -- with Match, Medicine, Perfume and Playing Cards all represented, most of the stamps with Scott Retail values of $100.00 or more (and even some less) have been removed and offered individually so there are no population rarities here -- but condition rarities abound, nearly all have choice margins and centering and while some flaws will be found, soundness was of great importance to the collector and he upgraded individual stamps as many as several times during his decades of collecting, an Extremely Fine balance which is better viewed than further described, a PDF is available on our website

E. 3,000-4,000
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Sale Number 1212, Lot Number 599, Private Die Stamp Collections and BalancesMatch & Medicine Wrappers, Match & Medicine WrappersMatch & Medicine Wrappers. Three original wrappers with the requisite stamps, including No. RO49d on ornately illustrated Byam, Carlton & Co. wrapper depicting their match factory, RS164b on blue printed Alvah Littlefield wrapper for their "Court Plaster", finally R274b on yellow illustrated Wright's Indian Pills wrapper depicting a Native American on a river with city and steamboat in background, a few minor flaws to be expected, fascinating trio

E. 500-750
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