Sale 1203 — The Gernot Reiners Collection of Togo and Cameroon - The Anglo-French Occupation

Sale Date — Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Category — French Togo - Balances

Cat./Est. Value
TOGO (French), French Togo Small Balance. Mostly used and neatly mounted on exhibition pages, incl. First Printing to 30pf plus additional examples of 20pf incl. block of four with part imprint selvage at bottom, two First Printing covers, first with values to 30pf incl. 30pf with broken "E" in "Anglaise" and second with five examples of 30pf, also Dahomey 10c Overprint postal card, Dahomey 1c-35c Overprint cover and French Semi-Postal used on card, mostly Fine-Very Fine

E. 500-750
TOGO (French), Postal Stationery Small Balance. Eight items, all but one cancelled, incl. German Yacht 5c on 5pf overprinted postal cards, one uprated with Dahomey 25c unoverprinted, 5c on 5pf postal reply card, unused second half (likely not mailed), three Dahomey Overprinted entires incl. 5c and two 10c, one uprated with five stamps and used in Atakpame, also Dahomey Overprinted 10c postal card and unused 10c letter card, Fine-Very Fine

E. 300-400
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