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Sale 1210 — The Joseph Antizzo Collection of Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper

Sale Date — Wednesday, 23 October, 2019

*A buyer’s premium of 18% of the winning bid will be added as part of the total purchase price on all lots in this sale. Buyers are responsible for applicable sales tax, customs duty and any other prescribed charges. By placing a bid you agree to the terms and conditions of sale.

Category — First Federal Issue: Massachusetts

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1210, Lot Number 2052, First Federal Issue: Massachusetts4c-$1.00 Massachusetts (RM110-RM113, RM115, RM117), 4c-$1.00 Massachusetts (RM110-RM113, RM115, RM117)4c-$1.00 Massachusetts (RM110-RM113, RM115, RM117). Generally clear impressions, 4c on bill of lading, 10c on promissory note, 20c on foreign bill of exchange, 25c on Essex Bank stock certificate (with bank seal), 50c on power of attorney (faulty), $1.00 weak but legible impression on Boston Marine Insurance Co. certificate, overall Very Fine impressions

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Sale Number 1210, Lot Number 2053, First Federal Issue: Massachusetts30c Massachusetts (RM114), 30c Massachusetts (RM114)30c Massachusetts (RM114). Clear impression at upper left of promissory note dated April 26, 1799, partly overwritten by manuscript as usual, Very Fine, the Combs survey reports only nine examples known

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Sale Number 1210, Lot Number 2054, First Federal Issue: Massachusetts75c Massachusetts (RM116), 75c Massachusetts (RM116)75c Massachusetts (RM116). Clear embossing at upper right of part-printed promissory note dated September 5, 1800, vertical file fold affects embossing, still Very Fine and scarce, the Combs survey notes only seven are known

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Sale Number 1210, Lot Number 2055, First Federal Issue: Massachusetts$1.00 Massachusetts (RM117), $1.00 Massachusetts (RM117)$1.00 Massachusetts (RM117). Detailed impression at top left of part-printed insurance policy for the ship Follansbee for a trip from Newport to Manila and back, dated September 5, 1800, fresh and Very Fine

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