Sale 1206 — United States Stamps and Confederate States

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 23-25 July, 2019

Category — Confederate States: Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1206, Lot 1080, Confederate States: Group LotsConfederate States, Choice Stamp Balance (1/14). More than 20 items bought individually for quality, including No. 1 (two, one with blue town cancel), 4, 6-7 (used and unused) including a pair with red town cancel on piece and one with Estell Springs Railroad cancel, 11-12, 14 (two, one with large sheet margin), also a 4AX1 Petri fake with a 2004 P.F. certificate as the genuine stamp (issued before these were widely recognized), all but perhaps one or two are sound and Very Fine or Extremely Fine, a choice group, four P.F. certificates accompany

E. 750-1,000
Confederate States, 1c-20c General Issues (1, 4, 6-8, 11-14). Also including couple 10c shades, original gum and for all intents and purposes Mint N.H. although some might differ in opinion on a couple due to the crude hand-gumming, beautiful margins and fresh colors, Extremely Fine group

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Confederate States, Unused Balance. 13 original-gum stamps, including Nos. 1, 2, 3 (tiny thin spot, 2003 PFC), 4 (Stone 2), 8, 9, 14 (2), most with large margins, few small faults, Fine-Very Fine group

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Confederate States, Unused Blocks. Eight original gum blocks, including blocks of four of Nos. 4 (Stone 2), 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 14, block of twelve of No. 12, large margins, few faults, appear Very Fine

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Sale 1206, Lot 1084, Confederate States: Group LotsConfederate States, Small Stamp Balance. Three stamps, used No. 1 with red town cancel, Very Fine, with 2015 P.S.A.G. certificate, No. 2 Paterson with original gum, lightly hinged, Very Fine, with 1991 P.F. and 2015 P.S.A.G. certificates (80 ogPH), finally No. 11 with top sheet margin, huge margins other sides, town cancel, Extremely Fine Gem, with 2013 P.S.E. certificate (XF-Superb 95)

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Confederate States, Balance. Three No. 9, used Nos. 1 and 4, Mint N.H. single and block of No. 9 and used No. 62X4, the No. 9s with minor flaws, all with Very Fine appearance

E. 400-500
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Sale 1206, Lot 1086, Confederate States: Group LotsCharlottesville Va., Cover Balance. 16 covers, each is a better item either by stamp or by usage with none of the plain 6-7 and 11-12 covers, Lithographs include No. 1 with contemporary hand-drawn design, Nos. 1 and 4 used together, two other No. 1 including one with blind embossed corner card, three of No. 2 including one with a scarce "Due 20", two of No. 4 with pairs, No. 4 used with No. 7, No. 7 pair on Female Institute circular, two No. 7 pairs on cover, No. 11 on two adversity covers, No. 11 with what appears to be private perforations, finally No. 10 showing one frameline and missing part of its design, mixed condition with faults to be expected, overall Fine appearing group

E. 1,500-2,000
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Confederate Related Collateral Collection. Two red padded Elbe albums, first with 15 unused Confederate Patriotics, nice range of designs, also 20th Century covers related to Confederate reunions, some with multicolored flag designs, official Washington D.C. machine cancels, etc., second album with various ephemera including autograph cut of Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, engravings of C.S.A. generals, maps and nine more unused Patriotics, interesting group from the estate of Gordon Bleuler

E. 200-300
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