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Sale 1198 — The Dimitris Bertsimas Collection of Important Great Britain Stamps and Multiples

Sale Date — Tuesday, 19 March, 2019

Category — Collection Balance Lots

Cat./Est. Value
The Dimitris Bertsimas Great Britain Unused Singles Collection Balance. Neatly housed in a hingeless Lighthouse album from 1840 thru 1966, Line Engraved while seemingly sparse contains some high-cataloguing stamps such as SG Spec. DS7 regummed with faults (with P.T.S. certificate, SG £48,000), 13 regummed (with B.P.A. certificate, SG £9,500), 35 (with P.T.S. certificate, SG £3,400), 1870 -1/2p complete with exception of Plate 9, Embossed with No. 57 from die 4 regummed with faults (with P.T.S. certificate, SG £13,000), Surface Printed including Nos. 63 original gum with faults (with P.T.S. certificate, SG £14,000), 127 plate 2 with sweated original gum and reperfed (with P.T.S. certificate, SG £18,000), 212 (SG £4,000), plus numerous other examples cataloguing £500-£2,000, some even more, decent run of King Edward VII thru Queen Elizabeth sets and singles including £1 P.U.C. and Seahorses, Back-of-Book with Postage Dues and some Officials including SG O9 regummed and faults (with B.P.A. certificate, SG £12,000), plus a few others with certificates, collection also with two Scott albums with some Queen Elizabeth duplicates and Offices in Africa and Morocco, earlier material condition is mixed including regummed and faults, much appears Fine or better, careful viewing is encouraged which should reveal tremendous catalogue value

E. 7,500-10,000
Great Britain "Specimen" Overprint Collection Balance. 58 stamps, only a few Line Engraved, including SG No. 58s (£3,800) though no gum and with faults, better Surface Printed issues including SG Nos. 127s, 153s, 154s, 156s, 178s, 181s and others ranging from £300-£1,750 each, plus a few King Edward VII, King George V and Government Parcels Officials, higher cataloguing examples generally with no gum, some faults noticed, total catalogue exceeds £16,000 in Stanley Gibbons, mostly Fine-Very Fine

E. 2,000-3,000
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