Sale 1203 — The Gernot Reiners Collection of Togo and Cameroon - The Anglo-French Occupation

Sale Date — Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Category — British Togo Forerunners

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1203, Lot 1, British Togo Forerunners"Undeliverable (Enemy Country) Return to Sender". Three-line handstamp applied in London, cover with "Lome 4.7.14" circular datestamp and addressed to German Imperial Post Office in Swakopmund, eventually returning to Lome with "Lome 30.3.15" circular datestamps upon arrival, cover with vertical file fold of no consequence, Very Fine, a fascinating cover having been sent prior to the outbreak of World War I and likely handed over to another ship before making its way to London where by that time the British declared war on Germany, only six covers have been recorded relating to Togo

E. 500-750
Sale 1203, Lot 2, British Togo ForerunnersTOGO (British), Gold Coast Used in Togo Interim Period Group. Three singles tied on piece and cover all used between Sept. 5 and Sept. 9, 1914, singles incl. unoverprinted Gold Coast 1p, 2-1/2p (crease) and 3p tied by Lome circular datestamps on small pieces, cover with unoverprinted Gold Coast 2-1/2p tied by "Lome, Togogebiet 3/9 14" circular datestamp with additional strike beside on cover to Accra, paying the correct rate up to 10oz, Very Fine, as no German Togo stamps were located upon the British arrival in Lome on Aug. 26, 1914, Gold Coast stamps were used with the German cancels that were found, while philatelic uses of the unoverprinted Gold Coast stamps after the issuance of Togo overprinted stamps on Sept. 17, 1914 are available, those used within the Interim period are rare

E. 500-750
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