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Sale 1188 — United States Stamp Treasures: The William H. Gross Collection

Sale Date — Wednesday, 3 October, 2018

Category — Bank Note Issue Covers Used from China

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1188, Lot Number 92, Bank Note Issue Covers Used from China, An extraordinary Bank Note Issue cover from China to Peru


2¢ Red Brown (146) and 10¢ Brown (150), two 2¢ and four 10¢ stamps tied by circle of wedges cancels, “U.S. Postal Ag’cy Shanghai Jul. 3” (1874) circular datestamp on cover to Heinrich Harbeck, care of Frederick Huth, Gruning & Co. in Tacna, Peru, printed return address on backflap “J. Groth & Co., Ningpo” and manuscript “Despatched by Carl Timm, China”--Carl F. Timm is listed in 1875 directory as a merchant--sender’s route directive “via San Francisco”, carried on the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. branch line steamer New York, departing Shanghai on July 9, 1874, and arriving in Yokohama on July 15, in time to catch the PMSS Colorado departure on July 19, which arrived in San Francisco on August 8--“San Francisco Cal. Aug. 9” transit datestamp, magenta “12” credit handstamp applied in San Francisco; prepaid for the obsolete 34¢ British Mail rate to Peru (plus 10¢ from China to U.S.), but the rate was reduced to 22¢ in 1871, so this was overpaid 12¢ (credit to British post office was 12¢)


* Seymour Kaplan (bought in Siegel 1977 Rarities of the World, 3/23/1977, Sale 510, lot 123)

* Stephen Albert, Richard C. Frajola private treaty catalogue, lot 178

* Drucker Family, Siegel Auction Galleries, 2/25/2003, Sale 855, lot 23, to William H. Gross


* Frajola-Perlman-Scamp, U.S. Post Offices in China and Japan 1867-1874, fig. 6-42, p. 123


* Very Fine; small rectangular piece cut out of backflap, a few tiny stamp flaws

E. 7,500-10,000
Sale Number 1188, Lot Number 93, Bank Note Issue Covers Used from China, The only recorded 5¢ Taylor on a registered cover from China


5¢ Blue (179), three, tied by three strikes of “U.S. Postal Agency Shanghai, Registered, Jun. 18, 187-” circular datestamp (circa 1877, last digit of year is omitted), a fourth bold strike at left on cover to Mrs. Edgar Ellis, 20th Street, above Guerrero Street in San Francisco, sender’s name (Edgar Ellis) written on back as required for registered mail, manuscript “68” registry number and red crayon of unknown meaning, no other markings; there is an E. W. Ellis listed in the 1875 directory as a clerk with the Shanghai Steam Navigation Co. at the “Kin-foong-tung wharf ” in Shanghai


* Drucker Family (bought from Siegel Sale 789, lot 971), Siegel Auction Galleries, 2/25/2003, Sale 855, lot 28, to William H. Gross


* Very Fine; slightly reduced at left, slight vertical bend clear of stamps

E. 10,000-15,000
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