Sale 1175 — The George "Buddy" Byers Collection of United States Stamps

Sale Date — Thursday, 8 March, 2018

Category — Balance Lots of the Byers Collection

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1175, Lot 778, Balance Lots of the Byers Collection1894-95 Bureau Issues, Plate No. Multiples Balance (248/268). Group of seven imprint and plate no. blocks of six and two imprint and plate no. strips of three, including Nos. 248 (strip of three), 250, 251 (faulty), 254, 264, 266, 267 and 268 (strip of three), original gum including some Mint N.H., apart from the No. 251 all appear sound, Fine-Very Fine

Sale 1175, Lot 779, Balance Lots of the Byers CollectionCommemorative Plate Block Balance (294/550). Balance of plate blocks including Nos. 294, 323, 537 and 548-550, No. 323 is a plate block of ten which has been separated between the imprint and plate no., Nos. 549-550 Mint N.H., Fine group, Scott Retail more than $2,000.00

E. 400-500
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Washington-Franklin Issues, Plate Block Balance. Extensive balance of the "Buddy" Byers collection of Washington-Franklin plate blocks, approximately 45 plate blocks plus more than a half-dozen other multiples, wide range of issues from 1908 through the Rotary Waste issues, some are Mint N.H. and some of the hinged with h.r., range of centering with Fine thru Extremely Fine (for the imperforate issues), a few small flaws may be found and a couple orange blocks with oxidation, overall a desirable group, Scott Retail for individual blocks up to $800.00 and total Scott Retail more than $11,000.00

E. 3,000-4,000
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Sale 1175, Lot 781, Balance Lots of the Byers Collection1922-25 Flat Plate Issues, Plate Blocks. Group of flat plate top, bottom and side plate blocks of six, including most of Nos. 551-569, missing Nos. 557, 560, 566 and 567, about seven of these are hinged and the balance Mint N.H., No. 558 with slight oxidation, No. 568 with light corner crease in ungummed selvage, also Nos. 575-577 and 622-623 Mint N.H., Fine-Very Fine, Scott Retail approximately $4,400.00

E. 750-1,000
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1920's Plate Block Balance. On album pages, best items are Kansas Nos. 665 (Mint N.H.), 666 and 668 (both hinged, latter with some rejoined perf separations), also Nebraska No. 677, balance includes Nos. 561 and 631-642, Fine-Very Fine group, Scott Retail approximately $3,000.00

E. 400-500
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Modern Plate Blocks and Panes. Extensive accumulation of plate blocks and complete panes, most of the (face) value is in complete panes from the last 20+ years with a range of denominations quite usable today, this group with face value of more than $3,000.00, also includes two shoe boxes and one metal box stuffed with older plate blocks in glassines and some other multiples going back to mid 20th Century, this group not summed for face value but no doubt will add considerably to the total

E. 1,500-2,000
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