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Sale 1166 — United States Stamps

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 24-26 October, 2017

Category — Revenue Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
First Issue Revenues Balance. Stock pages of high-quality stamps, including Nos. R51a, R64a pair, R81a, R90a, R91a, R97c, R98a, R98c, R98d, R101c, selected by the owner for superior condition and overall eye appeal, few small faults to be expected (our usual disclaimer), Very Fine-Extremely Fine and desirable group

First and Second Issue Revenues Balance. Seven, Nos. R65b, R86c, R87c, R89a, R114, R124 and R125, all selected by the owner for superior eye appeal, one or two may have a minor fault, Very Fine-Extremely Fine group

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19th Century Revenues Collection. On Scott pages, virtually all of the value in the first three issues, First Issue imperforate with Scott Retail up to $500.00 including the $1.60 Foreign Exchange, some part-perforated, perforated to Scott values of $500.00 including R44c with triple transfer and $20.00 Probate of Will, Second Issue denominations to $50.00, plus 50c and $1.00 with inverted centers, Third Issue complete to $20.00, plus 2c with inverted center, and a few others, mixed condition including cut cancels on some of the Second and Third issues, Fine-Very Fine appearance

E. 2,000-3,000
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Revenues Collection. Housed in a thick Scott album, extensive collection from First Issue through Hunting Permits, First issue with some better including R2b (1980 P.F. certificate), R31, R33b, R71a, R74a, R101a, others and largely complete for the less than $300.00 Scott Retail items, several uses on documents, the genuine highest value stamps have been removed and offered individually and the dubious and questionable high-catalog value items have been segregated onto separate stock cards (and are not included in our estimate), Second Issue complete through $10.00, Third Issue complete with invert No. 135b, from there the collection contains a range of other Revenue categories including a nice collection of Narcotic Tax stamps, faults and or cut cancels to be expected, overall Fine-Very Fine, an attractive collection

E. 3,000-4,000
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Revenues High Quality Collection. On Scott pages, each stamp was handpicked for large margins or centering, vast majority of the value in the first three issues, catalogue values to a couple hundred dollars each, a few more including No. R129, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, ten P.F. certificates accompany

E. 1,000-1,500
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Beer Stamp Collection. On stock and album pages, more than 140 items with some duplication, wide range of issues from REA1 thru REA198, none of the rarities obviously but a number of stamps with Scott Retail values of $200.00 or more, mixed condition as usual for beer stamps, Fine appearing collection which has been meticulously annotated by the owner on notebook paper with Scott Retail values totaling more than $9,500.00

E. 1,000-1,500
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Match & Medicine Collection. Housed in two Aldrich albums, many hundreds of stamps covering the full range of Match, Medicine, Perfume and Playing Card companies, none of the rarities but lots of stamps with Scott Retail of $100.00 or more along with the numerous less expensive items, also includes a group of approximately ten original medicine boxes or containers with M&M stamps affixed, mixed condition as would be expected with a collection of these issues, overall a worthwhile collection worth review, the individual stamps meticulously annotated by the owner on notebook paper with Scott Retail values totaling more than $16,000.00

E. 2,000-3,000
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