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Sale Date — Monday, 22 June, 2015

Category — Postal History: Stampless, Mormon Wagon Train

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Sale 1100, Lot 190, Postal History: Stampless, Mormon Wagon Train(Battle of Long Island, Sep. 1776) "New York Sept 1st 1776". Dateline on 3pp folded letter from Moses Gaylord, a member of Major Roger Newberry's 1st Regiment, Connecticut Militia, to his wife in Hartford Conn., carried privately "pr. favour Mr. Steel", Moses writes instructions on back for addressing letters: "Subscribe my Letters to Mr. Moses Gaylord in Lieut. Charles Simons Company, Major Newberrys Regt. of Militia in Little Dock Street, N.York", a fascinating letter written shortly after the British forced the Continental Army to flee Long Island, some excerpts "Our Army is retreated from Long Island & Governors Island... as to particulars respecting the fite on Long Island...great numbers are slain & taken prisoners..." (names of killed or wounded with injuries described), stains and wear, still Fine and a very rare soldier's letter from New York City in the aftermath of the Battle of Long Island -- Washington was enraged by the conduct of the Connecticut militia during the British assault

E. 750-1,000
Sale 1100, Lot 191, Postal History: Stampless, Mormon Wagon Train(Revolutionary War -- British Occupation of New York) "Brooklyn 22d April 1779". Dateline on folded letter from Richard William Parkin to Seth Norton, Commissary Forage, Oyster Bay (Long Island), endorsed "On His Majesty's Service", letter orders Norton to take charge of the provisions at Oyster Bay and continue to issue forage and provisions, Very Fine, extremely scarce British military letter carried by express from occupied Brooklyn to Oyster Bay on Long Island, discussed in an article by Calvet M. Hahn in CCP March-April 1991

E. 1,000-1,500
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Sale 1100, Lot 192, Postal History: Stampless, Mormon Wagon TrainOriginal Orders to Outfit a Mormon Wagon Train, 1854-55. Group of 56 original documents, comprising 74 written pages involving the Perpetual Emigration Fund Co., a corporation established by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1849, to provide economic assistance to more than 30,000 individuals who sought to emigrate to Utah and surrounding regions, some expected age-related wear and faults


This group was offered in a Siegel postal history sale in 1975. During a time when auction descriptions for even the most important items rarely took up more than three lines, we wrote a half-page description for this lot. It is quoted verbatim here.:

"This Fund financed an extensive Mormon Church directed program based on missionaries promising wondrous opportunities in Utah Territory; to poor European converts who would sign a bond promising repayment of emigration costs to the Church. Included are 43 different orders varying from $80 to $848 for delivery of oxen, wagons, and provisions for a wagon train leaving Atchison, Kansas Terr., on an 1855 Overland Trail trip to Salt Lake City. Several are A.L.S. by Erastus Snow, and eight are signed by him, including one shipping a yoke of cattle "if they live to go through" to his wife. Another has Snow's appendage relating to shipping "Doc Bernhisel's store and fixtures" on the wagon train. One is a scarce substitution order, another a rare receipt for team and provisions to be used as an order. Three orders provide for passage of lone women on the wagon train. Also four extensive lists of settlers indebted to the P. E. Fund showing wagon entry dates, those who married (several polygamous), etc. One long list of personal debts transferred to Brigham Young, Trustee, as a donation in 1860. Three estate records showing passage and freight emigration balances settled by transfer of decedent's clothing and sundries to the Fund. List of individuals payments not credited to Fund, 1862. List of 109 persons made by captain of wagon train in 1854, of indebtedness to Fund for flour supplied on the western trek. An 11 page trial balance sheet for P. E. Fund in 1857. And an 1871 letter soliciting funds for passage of federal law lowering emigration tax."

Extensive holdings of early original Mormon documents are seldom available, and this is a most unusual opportunity to acquire a well rounded group involving a fascinating and little known area of wagon train emigration to our western frontier

E. 10,000-15,000
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