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Sale 1104 — Civil War and Confederate States

Sale Date — Wednesday, 24 June, 2015

Category — Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Confederate States Collection. Incl. a complete run of all General Issues, incl. unused No. 9 and pen-cancelled No. 10, also some varieties and blocks, as well as three Postmasters' Provisionals incl. No. 61X2, mixed condition

E. 500-750
Confederate States Collection. Group of unused and used stamps mounted on album pages, unused incl. Nos. 1-10 and 11-14, also blocks of Nos. 1, 6, 11-14, the better stamps no gum except No. 3 original gum and No. 14 block Mint N.H., some flaws incl. thins on the higher catalog value items, overall Fine-Very Fine, used incl. Nos. 1-6 and 9, faults, Fine appearance, Scott Retail approximately $9,000.00

E. 1,000-1,500
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Confederate Balance. 15 mostly Confederate-related items, incl. 3c Star Die entire from Millersburg Ky. and addressed to "Macon, Alabama, Confederate States of America", few soldiers' letters incl. three with No. 11 or 12 tied by grids or targets, few postwar items incl. letter from John H. Reagan from 1867 specifying when we was appointed postmaster general etc., some faults, overall Fine-Very Fine

E. 750-1,000
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Confederate Covers. 27, incl. handstamped Paid or Due from Baton Rouge, Lexington Va., Milledgeville Ga., Norfolk Va., Richmond Va., three covers with No. 1, one with No. 2, one with No. 4, mixed condition with most faulty, still an interesting group

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 1104, Lot Number 2414, Group LotsArmy of Northern Virginia, Army of Northern VirginiaArmy of Northern Virginia. Three covers with different cancels, incl. No. 11c with field grid, second strike at left obliterates "10" handstamp to Sangersville Va.; second bears No. 12 with large 9-bar grid to N.C.; third bears pair of No. 12c tied by target on cover to Staunton Valley Va., some flaws, still a nice group showing different cancels of the Army of Northern Virginia

E. 500-750
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Confederate-Related Balance. Small group of diverse items, incl. CDV of General Longstreet and McPherson, reproduction of one of Stonewall Jackson, U.S. 3c Rose (65) on blue "Why don't you take it?" cartoon cover with original contents, abstract of provisions issued to volunteers in Sept. 1864 at Johnson's Island, light strike of Midlothian Va. on cover with manuscript "Due 10", Chattanooga circular datestamp on 10c from soldier in Bragg's army, few postwar reunion items, few coins and notes, mixed condition, overall some Fine-Very Fine, also incl. some modern U.S. face for good measure

E. 1,000-1,500
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Confederate Philatelist. From Jan. 1960-Dec. 2004, beautifully bound in 16 red volumes with aligned gold stamping on spine, takes up about 28 inches of bookshelf space, also Southern Philatelist complete from Nov. 1924-Oct. 1929 bound into two red volumes with gold stamping on spines, New Southern Philatelist complete from Nov. 1929 to Oct. 1933 and similarly bound into four volumes, last part of this library are Confederate auction catalogues from 1934 (Brooks) to 1991 (Tobias) in 12 volumes with many better name sales -- buyer is responsible for actual shipping costs from the consignor in Virginia

E. 300-400
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