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Sale 1114 — Worldwide Stamps and Postal History, featuring the F. Christian Killien, M.D. Collection

Sale Date — Wednesday-Thursday, 9-10 December, 2015

Category — Great Britain - Collection Lots and Omnibus (by Gibbons)

Cat./Est. Value
Great Britain, 1911-36, King George V Issues, Specialized Balance (SG 321/460). About 140 Mint N.H. stamps and a few blocks, includes not only a solid run of the major Stanley Gibbons numbers, but also varieties such as inverted and sideways watermarks, incl. several of the better colors, all of which have been vetted by a recognized expert, an unusually choice and fresh lot, with well centered stamps throughout, as well as brilliant color, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, would make an outstanding start for someone wanting to collect Great Britain King George V definitive stamps both specialized and in premium quality

£ 7,189
Great Britain, King George VI Complete Collection (461-514). A complete run of all the major listed Stanley Gibbons numbers, plus inverted and sideways watermarks on the low value definitives, uniformly well-centered, fresh and Mint N.H., Very Fine-Extremely Fine

£ 1,358
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Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Complete Collection. Value in the Wilding issues, which incl. the varieties such as black graphite lines on back, also SG Nos. 605a and 614a, plus all the Castle sets incl. De La Rue, the commemoratives are complete thru 1986, incl. all the phosphor band sets, Machin Heads and Regional Issues complete thru 1993, Mint N.H., Very Fine-Extremely Fine, a wonderful collection of the QEII issues

£ 4,298
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Great Britain Postage Dues Complete Collection (D1-D110). Contains all Stanley Gibbons major numbers from 1914 to 1994, Mint N.H., carefully selected for centering, brilliant color and overall freshness, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, trying to complete a Postage Due collection in this select Mint Never-Hinged quality is quite a challenge

£ 2,888
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1935 Silver Jubilee Omnibus. Complete Mint N.H. collection of all 250 stamps (incl. Egypt), Dr. Killien acquired numerous complete sets of the 1935 Jubilee issue over the years, with the sole purpose of going through stamp by stamp to see if he could upgrade the quality of the stamp he already had, the culmination of which is one of the finest quality sets (in terms of centering and brilliance of pristine unhinged gum) ever assembled, overall an Extremely Fine group that would take years to replicate in this stellar quality, SG value as hinged

£ 1,400
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1937 Coronation, 1945-46 Peace, 1949 U.P.U. Omnibus. Complete Mint N.H. collection of three omnibus sets issued during the reign of King George VI, the U.P.U. set includes Iraq and Jordan, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, SG value

£ 580
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1948-49 Silver Wedding Omnibus. Complete Mint N.H. collection of all 138 stamps, each stamp was handpicked for choice centering and freshness, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, a beautiful set in far superior quality, SG value

£ 2,250
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Queen Elizabeth II Omnibus sets. Complete Mint N.H. collections of 1953 Coronation, 1958 West Indies Federation, 1963 Freedom From Hunger, 1963 Red Cross, 1964 Shakespeare, 1965 I.T.U., 1965 International Co-operation Year, 1966 Churchill, 1966 Caribbean Royal Visit, 1966 Soccer World Cup, 1966 W.H.O., 1966 UNESCO, 1972 Silver Wedding, 1973 Royal Wedding, 1977 Silver Jubilee, 1978 Coronation and 1981 Royal Wedding, the later sets with all the souvenir sheets, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, Scott Retail

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