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Sale 1117 — U.S. & Confederate States Postal History

Sale Date — Thursday-Friday, 17-18 December, 2015

Category — Confederate States: Balances

Cat./Est. Value
Confederate Exhibit Balance. Neatly mounted on pages with descriptions, diverse collection from Postmaster Provisionals with New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville Provisional stamps and Norfolk Provisional cover, U.S. used in the Confederate States, General Issue covers incl. No 1 on patriotic, 2 (2), 5, 8, 10c Blue "TEN", 10c Blue Frameline, 10c Blue Perforated 12-1/2 (11e) on adversity cover to Chimborazo Hospital, a couple turned covers, Official usages and more, somewhat mixed condition but much Fine

E. 3,000-4,000
Confederate Stamp Balance. Stock cards of unused and used singles and blocks, incl. used Nos. 1 (5, one with a choice strikeof blue Norfolk Va. double-circle datestamp), 2 (4), 4 (2) and 5 (2), multiples incl. No. 6 block of 12, No. 7 block of 24, two blocks of four of No. 8, plate blocks of Nos. 11 and 12 (3, all different), No. 13 block of four and six, also few dozen fantasy items, some faults, some appear Fine-Very Fine

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Confederate Postal History Collection. About 200 covers neatly housed and mounted on hand-written pages, wide variety of material incl. U.S. used in the Confederate States, various stampless markings, many General Issues uses incl. Nos. 1-2, 4-8, 11-13 with adversity, turned, Army of N. Virginia cancels, plate varieties and more, a 12-star stampless Patriotic cover, blockade-run cover via Havana, prisoner-of-war covers from Ft. Delaware, Johnson's Island and Douglas and a few undelivered fronts from the Archives, plus a few additional items incl. two Battle of Gettysburg warrants for damages/confiscations with revenue stamps and a complete set of Dietz Facsimile Die Proofs, mixed condition but mostly Fine or better, an eye-appealing collection and inspection is advised

E. 4,000-5,000
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Confederate Cover Balance. Over 120 covers housed in a Lindner album covering a wide range of material, some highlights noticed were a Newbern N.C. cover to New York with clear "P.O. Department Dead Letter Office" marking, a "Ship Island Miss." straightline handstamp, Raleigh N.C. 5c Red Provisional, Columbia S.C. Paid 5 Provisional (18XU14), General Issues incl. No. 1 (4), 2 (4), 4 (5), 5, 11 pair and strip of three and more, couple Patriotics, a few turned covers, prisoner-of-war, plus a number of stampless markings, some mixed condition but mostly Fine or better

E. 2,000-3,000
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Confederate Cover Balance. 26, incl. No. 1 on folded cover, four with pairs of No. 6 or 7, majority are No. 11 or 12 incl. nice No. 11 tied by red circular datestamp, No. 11 tied by blue Univ. of Va. double-circle datestamp, No. 12 tied by Bristol V & T railroad handstamp, also eight covers from Union occupation of C.S.A., some faults incl. toning etc., few appear Very Fine

E. 500-750
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Confederate Cover Balance. Seven, incl. No. 11 used oin War Dept. semi-official imprint cover, No. 12 on adversity cover made from military form, No. 12 on adversity cover made from blue printed ad with red and black type, No. 12 on turned cover made from U10 with embossed grocer's corner card, No. 11 on turned cover with No. 11 used inside, No. 11 on adversity cover made from military form, last is unused adversity cover made from 1861 CSA treasury regulation document, some faults but all are interesting

E. 400-500
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Unused Confederate Patriotic Covers. 78 examples, each neatly mounted on pages with hand-written descriptions and Malpass numbers (if any), wonderful range of different types incl. multi-colored state seals, Palmetto flag with "We are Seven" logo and other inscriptions, caricatures, flags with different inscriptions, overprinted Union patriotics and all-over flag and Davis-Stephens designs, some believed to be post-war "remainders" (or reproductions), overall Very Fine, a rare opportunity with some scarce designs

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 1117, Lot Number 4571, Confederate States: BalancesCivil War Incoming U.S. Ship Covers, Civil War Incoming U.S. Ship CoversCivil War Incoming U.S. Ship Covers. Three covers, one with 1c Blue and 3c Rose (3) tied by New York Aug. 13, 1863 cancels to Flat River, Prince Edward Island, with "From U.S. Steam Sloop Canandaigua off Charleston" on reverse, another with "Naval Letter...from U.S.S. Huntsville" to New York with "U.S. Ship 3 cts." handstamp, last with "from U.S. Steamer Massachusetts" to Taunton Mass. with "U.S. Ship 3cts." handstamp and original letter, mixed condition

E. 200-300
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