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Sale 1114 — Worldwide Stamps and Postal History, featuring the F. Christian Killien, M.D. Collection

Sale Date — Wednesday-Thursday, 9-10 December, 2015

Category — Collections and Accumulations - Canada thru Cape of Good Hope

Cat./Est. Value
Canadian Provinces Accumulation. On album pages and stockpages, some high cataloging early stamps such as two New Brunswick 1sh Violet and pair of Nova Scotia 1sh Purple (all three with Greene Foundation certificate noting small faults), some multiples, covers, cancels on British Columbia stamps, Nova Scotia full sheets of 1860 1c (two) and 8c, mixed condition, should prove to be a worthwhile lot

E. 2,000-3,000
Canada Provinces Forgeries. Several dozen items, from crude to convincing, with Newfoundland, incl. a Panelli pane of 36 showing six different values, also much Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Islands, some from other Provinces incl. a convincing forgery of New Brunswick 5c Connell

E. 500-750
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New Brunswick Stampless Handstamp Paid Covers. 20 folded letters neatly mounted on album pages from 1852-66, most going to or from St. Johns, Fredericton, St. Stephen and others, each with various "3", "5 cents", "6", "7 cents", "10 cents" handstamps in different formats, overall Fine-Very Fine

E. 300-400
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New Brunswick Balance. Most of the value in the 1851 Issue used, incl. 3p (three), 6p, and two 1sh, also reprints incl. 6p and 1sh in horizontal pairs, 1860-63 Issue unused incl. three blocks, mixed condition

E. 1,000-1,500
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Prince Edward Island Collection. Mostly unused, 1861 Issue incl. two unused 2p plus one on cover, 3p and 6p both used and unused, 1862-65 Issue in various shades, plus a complete sheet of the 4-1/2p, some Proofs incl. 1862 1p and 2p Die Proofs in Black and a set of twelve different colors of the 6p Reprint Proof, somewhat mixed condition

E. 1,000-1,500
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Prince Edward Island, 1862-72 Issued, Desirable Used Group. 60 stamps incl. three on cover and one pair, excellent range of cancels, several are identified by Lehr number, some shade or plate varieties not listed in Scott (some of these are Unitrade listed), one important feature of the lot is that every item has a certificate (P.F., Greene Foundation or A.P.S.), condition is quite nice, only thirteen of the certificates mention any flaw (these are usually quite minor), most Fine-Very Fine, with some Extremely Fine Gems included, actually quite challenging to assemble this many used stamps, as these issues are far more plentiful unused, ex Collier, Scott Retail without any premiums for cancels or varieties

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Canada and Provinces Balance. Several dozen items mostly on auction lot cards, some higher cataloguing early Canada with Greene Foundation certificates noting small faults, some covers incl. Canada No. 1, also singles, multiples, proofs and covers from various provinces, mixed condition, much is Fine-Very Fine

E. 1,500-2,000
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Canada Collection. To 1976 in a Harris album, some early used, four dollar value Jubilees with roller cancels, 20th Century well-filled with unused or used, Back-of-Book incl. Cut Squares, somewhat mixed condition incl. some affected by small mount stains

E. 500-750
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Canada Mostly Used Collection Balance. 1859-1953, with duplication incl. shades, some unused incl. some from the 1859 Issue and a $2.00 Jubilee, some modern unused incl. plate blocks, early stamps in mixed condition, more modern issues generally Fine-Very Fine

E. 500-750
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Canada and Provinces Used Group. A few dozen stamps, incl. $1.00 Jubilee with roller cancel, a few better Provinces, some later stamps, a couple unused, some small faults, Fine to mostly Very Fine appearance, Scott Retail in excess of $3,000.00

E. 400-500
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Canada Modern Mint. 1963-82, some mint sheets of 8c-14c stamps, eight sheets of sixteen of 1972 Geological Congress se-tenant, 100 Capex souvenir sheets, plus five sets of matched plate blocks of the $1.25 value (twenty blocks total), and more, Scott Retail about $1,000.00, face value exceeds C$350.00

E. 150-200
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Cape of Good Hope Triangle Lot. 26 used singles, two used pairs (1p and 4p) and two unused singles, nine 1p, seven 4p, six 6p and six 1sh, with representation from the 1853, 1855-58 and 1863-64 issues, nice range of shades, majority four full margins all around, some minor faults, mainly Very Fine appearance

E. 750-1,000
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Cape of Good Hope, 1861 Woodblock study. Seven 1p and fourteen 4p stamps, each annotated as to the stereo type, nice range of shades, incl. the scarcer such as 4p Deep Blue, some small faults as would always be the case on a lot like this, all have at least Fine appearance and some with Very Fine appearance, the total catalogue value is quite high (probably ten to fifteen times our conservative estimate), three certificates accompany

E. 4,000-5,000
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Cape of Good Hope Balance. Most used stamps in two stockbooks, at least 40 triangle stamps, from various printings, twelve are 6p values, dozens of later issues, plus some from other South African republics, typical mixed quality

E. 1,000-1,500
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