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Sale 1109 — U.S. 1847-69 Issues, featuring the Kenneth D. Gilbart Collection

Sale Date — Wednesday, 30 September, 2015

Category — 12c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover and Stamp Balances (Scott 17)

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1109, Lot Number 436, 12c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover and Stamp Balances (Scott 17)12c Black (17), 12c Black (17)12c Black (17). Vertical pair, huge margins including right sheet margin, intense shade and proof-like impression on bright paper, top stamp cancelled by vivid red grid, bottom stamp has face-free red cancel, sharp part strike of "America" transit datestamp in blue, tiny trivial corner crease at top left


Vertical multiples of the 12c 1851 are far scarcer than horizontal pairs. The vertical format, intensity of impression, margins and colorful cancels leave nothing to be desired in this pair.

Ex Zoellner and Geary. With 1998 and 2009 P.F. certificates

Sale Number 1109, Lot Number 437, 12c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover and Stamp Balances (Scott 17)12c 1851-57 Issues Balance, 12c 1851-57 Issues Balance12c 1851-57 Issues Balance. Eight items, including six singles of imperforate and single and pair of perforated, better cancels including "Paid 3", New York Ship, Canadian 7-ring target, one with blue and red cancels, perforated including pair of No. 36 with small "Charlestown Md." straightline, No. 36B with "Paid", few with faults, all have clear cancels and are highly exhibitable, Fine-Very Fine, seven with certificates

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 1109, Lot Number 438, 12c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover and Stamp Balances (Scott 17)12c Black (17), 12c Black (17)12c Black (17). Group of five items, three singles and pair of No. 17, two with black grid cancels, one with red cancel and bottom sheet margin, pair with colorful combination of blue town and red cancels, also a single No. 17P4, a few small flaws including tiny thin and light corner crease on the pair, Very Fine or appear so

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Sale Number 1109, Lot Number 439, 12c 1851-56 Issue, Off-Cover and Stamp Balances (Scott 17)Red Cancels on 1851-68 Issue Stamps, Red Cancels on 1851-68 Issue StampsRed Cancels on 1851-68 Issue Stamps. 11 items, including No. 17 with segmented grid, another with red circular datestamp, No. 35 with New York Ocean Mail, No. 36 pair with red circular datestamp, No. 37 with red "Paid 24", another with red grid on piece, a third with red "3", two No. 69 with different stars, 71 with star, last is No. 96 with star, selected by the owner for the clarity of the cancels, few small faults, Fine-Very Fine, five with certificates

E. 1,000-1,500
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1851-61 Issues, Off-Cover Balance. On stock pages, cards and album pages, including Canal Bank New Orleans obsolete note with Toppan, Carpenter engraving of Franklin and Washington as used for 1c and 3c 1851 stamps (eagle on back similar to Eagle Carrier issue), 1851-57 Issue with more than 80 3c stamps including Nos. 10A and 25, some nicer cancels on one exhibit page, a few 10c perforated, 1861 Issue more than 80 stamps including 1c, 2c, 3c (one a Pink), and a single 24c, mixed condition, some are Fine

E. 300-400
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