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Sale 1067 — United States Stamps

Sale Date — Monday-Friday, 24-28 March, 2014

Category — Other Back-of-Book Issues

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1067, Lot Number 1770, Other Back-of-Book Issues10c Dark Blue, 1911 Postal Savings, Vertical Red "Specimen" Ovpt. Reading Down (PS4S), 10c Dark Blue, 1911 Postal Savings, Vertical Red "Specimen" Ovpt. Reading Down (PS4S)10c Dark Blue, 1911 Postal Savings, Vertical Red "Specimen" Ovpt. Reading Down (PS4S). Mint N.H. vertical strip of three, Fine, this and one other vertical strip of three are the discovery examples submitted to the Scott Publishing Co. in November 1978, accompanying photocopy of letter from James Hatcher, Chief Catalog Editor, informing the submitter that this item would be listed in the 1980 edition of the Scott Specialized Catalogue, we are not aware of the existence of any others, with 1978 P.F. certificate

Saving Stamps Collection. Complete Savings Stamps, War Savings Stamps and the Treasury Saving Stamp, incl. singles and booklet panes, either unused or used (no gum), incl. $5.00 Lincoln War Savings (regummed over a sealed tear) and the $1.00 Treasury Savings (very defective), Fine-Very Fine appearance

E. 500-750
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Sale Number 1067, Lot Number 1772, Other Back-of-Book IssuesCarmine, Test Coil (TD97a), Carmine, Test Coil (TD97a)Carmine, Test Coil (TD97a). Mint N.H. top star and plate no. 164564 block of ten, joint line between pos. 2 and 3/7 and 8, off-center, still attractive and very scarce

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Sale Number 1067, Lot Number 1773, Other Back-of-Book Issues2c Rose Carmine, Postal Forgery (250 CF1), 2c Rose Carmine, Postal Forgery (250 CF1)2c Rose Carmine, Postal Forgery (250 CF1). Affixed to official April 10, 1895 Post Office Department circular sent to the postmaster at Albuquerque N.M., the "stamp" has the customary tiny ms. "C" in top left corner, circular explains how to detect this forgery plus other pertinent information, Fine, excellent conversation piece and a great addition to an exhibition collection

E. 200-300
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Test Stamps. Over 30 items, incl. Nos. TD13 pair and strip of three, TD14, 25-26, 34, 37, 37A or B, 38, 65, 88, 95-96, various similar to TD106 but shiny gum and ribbed paper (TD113-114?), TD107, etc. incl. guide line pairs and test cancels, TD107 strip of 28, TD109b block containing two pairs, TD111 strip of four, Fine and interesting group

E. 400-500
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Encased Postage. Four different, incl. Nos. EP9, EP15, EP53 and EP 54, mica faults, minor on 5c, about Fine

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Sale Number 1067, Lot Number 1776, Other Back-of-Book IssuesBurnett's Cooking Extracts, Boston Mass., 24c Violet (EP57), Burnett's Cooking Extracts, Boston Mass., 24c Violet (EP57)Burnett's Cooking Extracts, Boston Mass., 24c Violet (EP57). Stamp with deep rich purplish color and detailed impression, case is a lovely golden brown color with part of original silvering on reverse, according to the P.F. the mica is replaced, which caused them to issue a certificate declining opinion as to whether the stamp is original to the case, Extremely Fine appearance, considering this encasement's provenance and the positive opinions of other experts who have examined it (including the experts at Stack's and Heritage who catalogued the Ford and Mayer collections), we question the P.F. opinion -- nevertheless we are compelled to offer it "as is" -- the Ford sale catalogue (Stack's 6/23/2004, lot 447) suggests there are only about two, at most three, 24c pieces known, with 2013 P.F. certificate stating that "we decline opinion as to whether the stamp is original to the case"

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Sale Number 1067, Lot Number 1777, Other Back-of-Book Issues5c-50c Postage Currency (PC2, PC4-PC9), 5c-50c Postage Currency (PC2, PC4-PC9)5c-50c Postage Currency (PC2, PC4-PC9). Fresh and crisp, Fine-Very Fine, with Oct. 18, 1862 article on Postage Currency from Harper's Weekly

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5c-50c Postage Currency (PC5-PC8). Three to five of each, crisp, strong colors, Fine-Very Fine, nice lot

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5c Postage Currency, Imperforate, "ABC" Imprint (PC5). Vertical Block of six, sheet margin at top, few creases, also incl. singles of Nos. PC2 and PC11, former couple nibbed perfs, latter light creasing, otherwise Fine-Very Fine

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Fractional and Postage Currency. About 50 items, majority Postage Currency, some duplication, condition ranges from worn to uncirculated

E. 400-500
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