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Sale 1076 — The Daniel H. and Marcel V. Collection of Birds of the World

Sale Date — Thursday, 26 June, 2014

Category — Collection Balances by Region

Cat./Est. Value
Africa Bird Collection Balance. Incredibly colorful and vivid collection housed on stock pages in four Lighthouse albums, an in-depth collection dedicated to birds incl. singles, sets, souvenir sheets, sheets, imperforates, deluxe proofs, errors and more, contains most African countries from just post-independence thru to modern new issues, some items of particular mention is Biafra Nos. 4-16, some better Burundi sets, Liberia errors, and more, most, if not all, is Mint N.H., Very Fine, we feel that the cost of the new issues alone is multiples of our estimate and is a great foundation to build upon for the collector of birds on stamps

E. 1,000-1,500
Asia Bird Collection Balance. Five Lighthouse albums with collection on stock pages, visually beautiful layout with a myriad of listed and unlisted material from throughout Asia, with standard singles, sets, souvenir sheets but also proofs, imperforates, progressive color trials and more, some areas with better material noticed incl. Bhutan, Macau, Malaysia No. 26 imperforate pair, Nepal Nos. 104-17, Thailand and Vietnam, one album dedicated solely to Japan with better items such as No. 479a, C9-C13, plus Mihon overprints (Specimens) and another to Micronesia, Palau and Marshall Islands, vast majority Mint N.H., Very Fine

E. 1,000-1,500
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British Commonwealth Bird Collection Balance. Twelve Lighthouse albums with collection on stock pages with countries from Aitutaki to Zimbabwe, impressively extensive collection with a gorgeous array of various material incl. straightforward singles, sets, souvenir sheets but also with imperforates, proofs, Specimen overprints, errors and more, collection continues straight thru modern new issues, careful inspection will reveal better sets nestled amongst more modern material incl. many King George VI and early Queen Elizabeth II sets in Mint N.H. condition, multitudes of better cataloguing sets from $50.00-$275.00 scattered throughout, one key point to mention is that if a set only contains one bird on a stamp, the entire set was collected and not just the single stamp, therefore making this collection ideal for a bird topical collector or being highly saleable to the retailer, just about all Mint N.H., Very Fine, this collection highlights the staggering amount of birds that were issued on British Commonwealth stamps

E. 2,000-3,000
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Europe Bird Collection Balance. Comprising of seven Lighthouse albums with items in stock pages solely dedicated to birds on stamps from Aland to Yugoslavia and areas in-between, an encompassing collection containing singles, sets, imperforates, souvenir sheets, sheets, booklets and more, careful inspection will reveal a high number of medium priced classic sets hidden amongst modern new issues such as Austria Nos. C54-C60, Rhodes Nos. 64-73, Liechtenstein Nos. C9-C13, Saar No. C12, collection contains a few specialized sub-collections of Czechoslovakia Newspaper stamps, Germany and area related stamps and covers and a few Ukrainian proofs, one album alone is dedicated to United Nations with much of it being Geneva and Vienna incl. some trial color proofs, mostly Mint N.H., Very Fine, a collection with high retail potential

E. 1,000-1,500
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France and Colonies Bird Balance. In a Lighthouse album on stockpages, wide range of material from early straight thru modern issues incl. singles, sets, imperforate, souvenir sheets, a few deluxe proofs and more with plenty of medium-priced items throughout, some highlights noted were France with 25c Telegraph (Yvert No. 1, €700), French Colonies (incl. No. 9a strip of three), French Equatorial Africa Liberation Resistance Semi-Postal sets, F.S.A.T., St. Pierre & Miquelon, and more, majority appears to be Mint N.H., Very Fine

E. 750-1,000
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Middle East Bird Balance. Housed on stock pages in two Lighthouse albums, highly picturesque collection incl. a wide range of countries from Afghanistan to Yemen with singles, sets, souvenir sheets, imperforates, deluxe proofs and more, incl. Trucial States thru the United Arab Emirates incl. the 1990 Bird set, Iran specialized plate varieties of the 1930 and 1935 Air Post sets, Israel incl. Freedom from Hunger sheet and Bale-listed meter stamps, better Jordan incl. the 1964 Air Post, and more, most of it appearing Mint N.H., Very Fine

E. 300-400
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South and Central America Bird Collection Balance. On stock pages within three Lighthouse albums, contains issued singles, sets, souvenir sheets, etc., also with multitudes of more specialized material incl. Specimens (ex ABNCo), various die proofs, imperforates, among much more, a few better countries noticed were Bolivia (incl. First Issues), Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico, incredibly vivid and fresh throughout with much being Mint N.H., Very Fine, careful inspection is advised as there is plenty of better items in amongst modern new issues

E. 1,000-1,500
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Worldwide Bird Proofs Balance. Total of 135 items housed in a Lighthouse album, consisting of a wide range of French Colonies or those newly independent from the 1950s-70s with some a bit more modern all relating to birds, a large portion being artist signed die sunk proofs as well as some deluxe proofs, incl. countries such as Algeria, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Guinee, French Guyana, Morocco, Monaco, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Somali Coast and more, Very Fine, a huge retail potential with much being worth $100.00-$200.00 a piece

E. 1,500-2,000
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Worldwide Hunting Permit Collection. Neatly organized in a Lighthouse album, features mostly 1990s issues of Hunting Permit stamps from around the world incl. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and United Kingdom, various formats incl. singles, souvenir sheets, booklets, sheets (especially Australia and United Kingdom), couple artist signed, Mint N.H., Very Fine, the retail value alone far exceeds our estimate

E. 300-400
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