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Sale 1056 — The World's Fair Collection - 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue

Sale Date — Wednesday, 6 November, 2013

Category — Balance Lots

Cat./Est. Value
1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue, Domestic Cover Balance. 43 cover mounted on pages with write-ups, wide range of frankings from 1c-10c incl. many with mixed values and Bureau regular issues, array of uses incl. Exposition, Registered, Patriotic, Alaska Territory, Advertising, others, most are illustrated incl. many beautiful designs, overall Very Fine, a useful and interesting group

E. 2,000-3,000
"Kicking Mule" Cancel Collection, Port Townsend Wash. Approximately 15 covers and 10 stamps or pieces mounted on pages, each with the iconic "Kicking Mule" cancel of Port Townsend Wash., incl. cover sent to Warren H. Colson with copy of letter from A. Francis Learned, who used the cancel after taking charge of the Port Townsend Post Office in 1898, the letter refers to his father, William Henry Harrison Learned, who was the first person to use the cancel in 1880, the collection constitutes the "Second Series" of the cancel for use primarily on registered mail (and some favor cancels) and includes Columbians, Bureaus, a couple off-cover Postage Dues and Trans-Mississippi Issues, many with mixed frankings, corner cards, etc., Very Fine and wonderful study of this famous cancel, worth review or a scan request

E. 2,000-3,000
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1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue, Foreign Cover Balance. 62 covers mounted on album pages, range of frankings from 1c-10c with many mixed-denominations, mixed-issue with Bureaus and mixed-country with a few foreign postage due, wide range of destinations incl. some scarcer such as North India and Pakistan (India at the time), also Puerto Rico and Philippines origin, lots of Registered uses, themes incl. Patriotics, illustrated, others, Very Fine, a wonderful collection with many choice and attractive covers

E. 3,000-4,000
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