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Sale 1037 — United States and Foreign Stamps and Covers

Sale Date — Monday-Friday, 10-14 December, 2012

Category — Specimens

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1037, Lot Number 1335, Specimens1c-90c Bank Notes, "Sample." Ovpt. Ty. K (189S/212S), 1c-90c Bank Notes, "Sample." Ovpt. Ty. K (189S/212S)1c-90c Bank Notes, "Sample." Ovpt. Ty. K (189S/212S). Nine different denominations from 1c-90c, 2c is Red Brown with blue ovpt., overall fresh and Fine-Very Fine group

Sale Number 1037, Lot Number 1336, Specimens5c Columbian, "Specimen" Ovpt. (234S-E), 5c Columbian, "Specimen" Ovpt. (234S-E)5c Columbian, "Specimen" Ovpt. (234S-E). Original gum, fresh, choice margins and fabulous centering, Extremely Fine, difficult to find this nice

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Sale Number 1037, Lot Number 1337, Specimens2c-$1.00 1902-03 Issue, Specimen Ovpt. Ty. E (301S-311S), 2c-$1.00 1902-03 Issue, Specimen Ovpt. Ty. E (301S-311S)2c-$1.00 1902-03 Issue, Specimen Ovpt. Ty. E (301S-311S). Plate no. singles of 2c, 4c, 5c, 8c, 15c and 50c, top imprint and plate no. strip of three of 3c, left imprint pair of 6c, pair with top plate no. of 13c, $1.00 with selvage at top, the 3c, 6c, 13c and $1.00 with manuscript in selvage incl. "First Sheet" and signed or initialed by Wm. Meredith, the Director of the BEP, few small flaws, Fine-Very Fine and rare group, accompanied by typed letter signed by Edwin C. Madden (3rd Asst. PMG) which originally accompanied a partial set from 3c to $5.00 from the first sheets printed (this letter may or may not refer to the stamps offered here), Scott Retail as single Specimens with no premium for plate nos. or multiples $2,400.00

E. 2,000-3,000
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Specimen Overprint Collection. Album pages with approximately 50 stamps, both regular issues and Officials, incl. 1861 1c, 3c, 30c and 90c pair Ty. B, range of Bank Notes Ty. D, 1902 Issue Ty. E complete less the $5.00, Bank Notes with overprinted "Sample", Officials Specimens Special Printings incl. couple better such as 15c Agriculture and 6c State, range of centering, a few small flaws to be found, overall Fine appearance, a desirable group, Scott Retail approximately $6,500.00

E. 1,000-1,500
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