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Sale 1032 — The Nick Kirke Collection of Gem-Quality Used U.S. Stamps

Sale Date — Tuesday-Wednesday, 23-24 October, 2012

Category — 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 1032, Lot Number 3421, 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)1c Pan-American, Center Inverted (294a), 1c Pan-American, Center Inverted (294a)1c Pan-American, Center Inverted (294a). Unusually choice centering, deep rich colors and proof-like impressions, neat strike of Easthampton (Mass.) oval cancel, tiny corner crease at bottom right


The 1c Pan-American Inverts were found in at least four different post offices around the country, soon after release of the issue in May 1901. According to the revised Johl-King book (p.7) "The first known copies of this error were discovered at Bessemer, Alabama, by the Carrell Jewelry Company on some circulars just prior to mailing them. When they realized the find they had made they lost no time in removing the stamps from the circulars and thus saved them to philately." Three covers are known with one each used from Bessemer Ala., Oakland Cal. and St. Louis Mo.

The 1c Pan-American Invert in used condition is considerably scarcer than unused. With the increased collector demand for 20th Century stamps, especially in used condition, the price of a used 1c Pan-American Invert has surged ahead from $7,000.00 in 2001 to $17,500.00 in 2012.

With 2007 P.F. certificate.

Sale Number 1032, Lot Number 3422, 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)1c-10c Pan-American (294/299), 1c-10c Pan-American (294/299)1c-10c Pan-American (294/299). Four used stamps including the 1c, 4c, 5c and 10c, each graded XF-Superb 95 by P.S.E., wide and balanced margins throughout, rich colors and detailed impressions, Extremely Fine Gem group, an unusual opportunity to fill in two-thirds of the Pan-American set in 95 grade at one time, all but the 4c also with recent P.F. certificate, 5c graded XF 90 by P.F., total SMQ $1,510.00, the 1c and 10c represent the highest grades recorded in the P.S.E. Population Report

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Sale Number 1032, Lot Number 3423, 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)1c-10c Pan-American (294-299), 1c-10c Pan-American (294-299)1c-10c Pan-American (294-299). Complete set tied by New York oval registry cancels on 1914 registered cover to Bohemia, Austria, large purple registered handstamp, "J.M. Bartels, 99 Nassau St." return address on back along with Jan. 10, 1914 New York backstamps and small purple "Charles Hahnel, Ladywood Birmingham" three-line handstamps, small cover flaw at top does not affect the stamps, Very Fine and attractive complete set franking

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 1032, Lot Number 3424, 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)1c Pan-American (294), 1c Pan-American (294)1c Pan-American (294). Mint N.H., wide beautifully balanced margins, vignette shift approaches both "fast" and "sinking" boat, fresh color, Extremely Fine Gem, with 2011 P.F. and 2008 P.S.E. certificates (XF-Superb 95; SMQ $325.00)

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Sale Number 1032, Lot Number 3425, 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)2c Pan-American (295), 2c Pan-American (295)2c Pan-American (295). Mathematically perfect centering with wide margins, vivid color on bright white paper, neat machine cancel, Extremely Fine Gem, a superb example of this stamp in every respect, with 2011 P.F. and 2009 P.S.E. certificates (Gem 100; SMQ $800.00 as 98, unpriced in higher grades), this is one of only two examples of this stamp to achieve this perfect grade with none higher, more than 209 million of the 2c were issued, yet to find a used example with margins such as this is an enormous challenge

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Sale Number 1032, Lot Number 3426, 1901 Pan-American Issue (Scott 294a, 294-299)8c Pan-American (298), 8c Pan-American (298)8c Pan-American (298). Huge Jumbo margins and precise centering, deep rich color, bold purple cancel as well as part rim of circular datestamp at left, Extremely Fine Gem, a huge and striking stamp combining margins, centering and a better cancel, with 2011 P.F. and 2007 P.S.E. certificates (XF-Superb 95 Jumbo; SMQ $500.00 as 95, unpriced as 98), this is the only example to achieve this grade with none higher

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