Sale 1027 — The Natalee Grace Collection of Used U.S. Stamps, Part Two: 1869 to Pan-American Issues

Sale Date — Wednesday, 19 September, 2012

Category — 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 1027, Lot 107, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)1c Dull Blue (219). Perfectly centered with Jumbo margins, long and full perforations, brilliant color, neat strike of duplex cancel, Extremely Fine Gem, according to Brookman this design was poorly received, the engraver was furnished with a portrait of Franklin facing right and had to turn it to face left, the New York Times noted that "While Franklin looked like himself while facing to the right in the portrait, by no exertion of skill could his profile be changed to the left without entirely altering his expression and making him resemble the putty-faced personification of senility which now appears on the one cent stamp", with 2003 and 2009 P.S.E. certificates (Gem 100 Jumbo; unpriced in SMQ above the grade of 98, SMQ $375.00 as 98), this is the only example to achieve this perfect grade (which is the highest possible), and only one other used stamp from the entire set (a 10c) has achieved this grade

Sale 1027, Lot 108, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)2c Lake (219D). Deep rich color in the true Lake shade, choice centering with Jumbo margins, bold crossroads cancel, Extremely Fine Gem, a huge stamp

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Sale 1027, Lot 109, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)2c-15c 1890-93 Issue (220, 220a, 221-223, 225, 227). Seven stamps selected by the collector for their superior quality, each with unusually choice centering and rich colors, nice range of cancels incl. machine, target, duplex and oval registry, Extremely Fine Gems, 4c and 5c with 2009 P.S.E. certificates (graded XF-90 Jumbo and XF-90 respectively)

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Sale 1027, Lot 110, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)2c Carmine, Cap on Both "2"'s (220c). Superior centering with well-proportioned margins, rich color on crisp paper, long perfs, face-free cancel which also leaves the variety clearly visible, Extremely Fine Gem, a superb stamp in every respect, only a small percentage of 2c 1890's were printed from Plates 245 and 246, which contained the Cap on Both 2's variety, the variety was caused by a breakdown of the metal on the transfer roll

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Sale 1027, Lot 111, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)6c Brown Red (224). Jumbo margins all around, rich color and sharp proof-like impression, light strike of circular datestamp at bottom, Extremely Fine Gem, a huge stamp, difficult to find with such wide margins, the highest grade awarded to date is 90J, ex Twigg-Smith

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Sale 1027, Lot 112, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)10c Green (226). Absolutely enormous margins all around, deep rich color and proof-like impression, light strike of target cancel leaves entire design clearly visible, Extremely Fine Gem, a phenomenal stamp in every respect, it is interesting that the circle around the "10" at lower left of this issue goes thru the outer oval of the vignette in the same manner as the Bureau 1898 Type II (Scott 283), but that this does not occur on the Bureau 10c 1894-95 Issues (Scott 258 and 273), ex Twigg-Smith

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Sale 1027, Lot 113, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)30c Black (228). Unusually choice centering with well-proportioned margins, intense shade and impression, neat strike of Washington D.C. "10" numeral oval cancel, Extremely Fine Gem, a beautiful example of this issue which is difficult to find in used condition with choice centering

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Sale 1027, Lot 114, 1890-93 Issue (Scott 219-229)90c Orange (229). Jumbo margins which are wide and balanced, vibrant color, bold strikes of San Francisco oval registry cancels, Extremely Fine Gem, a huge stamp, with 2004 P.F. certificate

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