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Sale 1013 — The Albert D. Laehder Collection of U.S. Stamps and Covers

Sale Date — Monday-Tuesday, 10-11 October, 2011

Category — Balance of the Laehder Collection

Cat./Est. Value
Collection Balance, 1919-80. Scott National album of unused stamps, fantastic group of Nos. 551-572 with additional page showing shades of 8c thru $2.00 with several certified (four of 11c, three of 12c and three of 50c as well as others uncertified), also coil singles and pairs, shade study continues in rotary press issues, also with Kans.-Nebr. sets complete, later issues pretty much complete, mostly Mint N.H., centering and condition is better than usually seen, Very Fine-Extremely Fine, approximately 125 items with P.F. certificates from the 1990's, a fantastic starter collection for the discerning collector who does not want to hunt down a lot of inexpensive stamps in better condition, our estimate is less than the cost of the certificates

E. 2,000-3,000
Back-of-Book Balance. Scott National album of unused stamps, areas covered incl. Air Post with Nos. C1-C2, C4-C6 and C18, Special Delivery incl. Nos. E1, E3, E5-E9, Parcel Post with Nos. Q1-Q12, JQ1-JQ3 and JQ5, F1, Offices in China incl. Nos. K2, K7-K10 and K18 plus two covers postmarked on Dec. 31, 1922 (last day of operations), J22, also some Postal Savings, War Savings, few Transportation coils thrown in at the end on pages, many Mint N.H., few better with flaws (such as E1), most Very Fine, a worthwhile group, several better with 1990's P.F. certificates

E. 2,000-3,000
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Sale Number 1013, Lot Number 509, Balance of the Laehder CollectionBooklet Pane Collection, Booklet Pane CollectionBooklet Pane Collection. Scott National album of unused booklet panes, incl. Nos. 279Be (2), 319g, 319n, 319p, 319q, 331a, 332a, fairly complete to 1994 (less A.E.F. panes of course), few Air Post, most Mint N.H., Very Fine-Extremely Fine, an outstanding collection for someone who doesn't want to start from scratch, several with 1990's P.F. certificates

E. 1,000-1,500
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