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Sale 1011 — United States Stamps & Postal History, Foreign

Sale Date — Tuesday-Friday, 21-24 June, 2011

Category — Foreign Stamps and Covers (Collections and Balances)

Cat./Est. Value
British West Indies Complete Booklets. One hundred or more in a small box, includes Bahamas SB1-SB4 (two sets), Bermuda B1-B2, British Guiana SB9a, c and d, Jamaica two SB11, SB12 and others of mostly modern vintage, Fine-Very Fine, Stanley Gibbons value was more than £1,500.00 in 2006

E. 400-500
Europe Collection. Five Scott Specialty albums and ten stockbooks of unused and used stamps, one Scott Specialty album is Greece with nice showing across many issues, another with Liechtenstein and Luxembourg with former from 1920-77 and latter from 1852-1965, another is solely Austria with nice range of issues, fourth contains Finland, Iceland and Greenland and also with a stockbook of those countries plus few Sweden, last Scott Specialty album contains Denmark and Danish West Indies, Norway and Sweden, fairly comprehensive and with each page meticulously catalogued, stockbooks contain Spain and Spanish territories, Austria, Italy and duplicates of countries in Specialty albums, mixed condition but with few better, overall Fine-Very Fine, also incl. few random covers with four with return addresses from Freud and Martin Buber, and few British Commonwealth stamps

E. 5,000-7,500
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Foreign Accumulation. Stockbooks, few albums and loose envelopes of various items, mostly modern issues incl. 1945-46 Victory omnibus issues (incomplete), nice assortment of topicals, some booklets, few better incl. Malta Nos. 77-85, overall Fine-Very Fine

E. 300-400
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Foreign Balance. 19 mostly used stamps, incl. G.B. Penny Black and Penny Red, eight Cape of Good Hope triangles, mixed condition, few appear Fine-Very Fine

E. 300-400
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Postage Dues. Worldwide collection in three three-ring binders, comprising a specialized study of the "T" markings, both on and off cover, wide range of countries incl. Albania unissued set plus a few covers, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Tunisia, U.S., Vietnam and several others, nice mix of stamps and covers with wide range of issues represented, few flaws to be expected, overall a Fine-Very Fine and fascinating collection

E. 2,000-3,000
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Souvenir Sheets. Three three-ring binders of unused and used souvenir sheets, many seem to have philatelic exposition themes, several better incl. Australia No. 95a, nice group of Belgium, better France incl. Nos. 226, 241 and 329, several Germany incl. No. B33 (exhibition cancel, perfs separated), B68 (2, both toned), Liechtenstein with sheets of Nos. 157-159 with 1939 cancels, Switzerland incl. NABA, Japan Nos. 222a, C8 and few National Parks mostly with fancy cancels, mostly hinged few small flaws to be expected, overall fresh and Fine-Very Fine, an attractive group

E. 3,000-4,000
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Foreign Balance, 19th-20th Century. Three-ring binder containing a range of material, significant portion is flight-related incl. Germany Nos. C27-C34 (2 unused and 2 used sets), C35-C37 (3 sets), C38-C39, C40-C42, C43-C45 (unused and used sets), Liechtenstein Nos. C1-C6 (2 sets), Denmark Nos. C1-C5, few flown covers, also incl. unused Berlin Nos. 9N21-9N34 (2 sets), Switzerland NABA souvenir sheet, France incl. unused Nos. C1-C2 and used Nos. C15 and C17, also few early Norway and Netherlands, some Israel (no tabs incl. Nos. 1-9 tied on unaddressed cover), some flaws to be expected, many Fine-Very Fine

E. 2,000-3,000
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Silver Jubilee Omnibus Issue. Mostly complete collection in the Silver Jubilee three-ring binder (we counted 239 plus a few non-Jubilees not counted), many Mint N.H., fresh and Fine-Very Fine

E. 300-400
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1948-49, Royal Silver Wedding Omnibus. Complete set of 138 Mint N.H. stamps, bright color, fresh and Fine-Very Fine, attractive and desirable set, Scott Catalogue does not aggregate pricing, Stanley Gibbons value

£ 1,900
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Worldwide Covers. Approximately 100 covers, wide rage of countries and issues, few Asia area, Europe, FDC's, flights, etc., a number are hard to find, Fine-Very Fine, nice clean lot of valuable material

E. 1,500-2,000
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