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Sale 1016 — Confederate States, U.S. Postal History, General Foreign

Sale Date — Tuesday-Thursday, 15-17 November, 2011

Category — Specialized 1c 1851-57 Issues: Group Lots

Cat./Est. Value
Balance of the Wagshal/Neinken 1c 1857 Perforated Issues. More than 200 stamps, many in pairs or strips, some unused and a few covers, some on original Neinken pages, includes Plates 1L (No. 23), 2 (No. 20), 4 (Nos. 21-22), 5-10 (No. 24) and 11-12 (Nos. 18, 20, 22), many plated and with an interesting plate variety, nice variety of cancels including "Paid", "Steamboat", red town and carrier datestamps, some faults to be expected, many Fine-Very Fine, a wonderful holding representing years of collecting and sharp-shooting

E. 3,000-4,000
Balance of the Neinken Collection of 1c 1857 Type V, Plates 7-10. More than 150 items, including unused and used singles, strips and blocks, representation of the major "perforated" plates -- Plates 7, 8, 9 and 10 -- all mounted on original Neinken pages with his expert annotations, almost all plated, a tremendous variety of shades, impressions, relief types and plate varieties, includes a large number of blocks with original gum, condition generally Fine-Very Fine but some minor faults to be expected, a unique opportunity to acquire a significant section of the collection assembled by one of the premier authorities on the 1c 1851-57 Issue, substantial Scott value

E. 3,000-4,000
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Balance of the Wagshal 1c 1857 Plate 11-12 Collection. More than 50 stamps including pairs and strips, about half from Plate 11 including double and triple transfers, pairs, top-row Type II's and A/B Relief Type IIIa's, lots of nice Plate 12 material including pairs and strips, Position 74R12 double transfer with original gum (creased), some mounted on Neinken pages, condition and centering varies as usual for a collection emphasizing plating, generally attractive with many Fine-Very Fine stamps throughout, enormous Scott value

E. 2,000-3,000
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Balance of the Neinken Collection of Unusual Cancellations on 1c 1857 Perforated Issues. More than 100 items including singles, pairs, strips and a few used blocks, all on Neinken's original pages with his plating notes and annotations, the "Cancellations" section of the Neinken collection covered all plates from which perforated stamps were printed, most are No. 24 from Pates 7-10 but also includes Nos. 18, 20 & 22 from Plates 11-12, cancels include stars, "1ct", "Paid", "Steam Ship", other markings include Independent and C.S.A. Use, NYC carrier, Wells Fargo & Co., scarce town markings etc., some faults to be expected, yet overall Fine-Very Fine, hand-picked over many years by one of the foremost experts in classic U.S. philately

E. 1,000-1,500
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1c 1857 Issue, Balance (18, 20, 22, 24). 20 stamps with better types, offered as individual lots in past sales but with mostly small condition issues or contrary opinions on type, incl. four of No. 18, single with double transfer and blue grid cancel and strip of three, Positions 45-47R12, three of No. 20 incl. Plate 2 vertical pair and Plate 12 single, six of No. 22 incl. unused (disturbed original gum) single from Plate 11, unused (no gum) single from Plate 4, used vertical pair, seven of No. 24 incl. used block of four, vertical pair with inter-pane margin and centerline, all but two with new certificate, Fine-Very Fine appearing group, Scott Retail more than $8,750.00

E. 1,000-1,500
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Small Balance of Wagshal Collection. Single stockbook sparsely populated with 100+ 1c 1851-57 stamps, also a handful of 10c Ty. V 1857 stamps and a few odds and ends, not much of value but we do note a used strip of three from Plate 2 (significantly cut in at top), used and original gum strips from Plate 1L (also cut in), very mixed condition, still Scott Retail for the strips and counting all the other 1c stamps as No. 24 is more than $8,000.00

E. 300-400
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