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Sale 996 — The Wagshal Collection, Part 3:
3c 1851-57 Issues

Sale Date — Thursday, 21 October, 2010

Category — Other Plate Reconstructions and Study Collections

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3004, Other Plate Reconstructions and Study CollectionsThe DeVere Card Exhibit of 3c 1851 Imperforate Issues, The DeVere Card Exhibit of 3c 1851 Imperforate IssuesThe DeVere Card Exhibit of 3c 1851 Imperforate Issues. An attractive collection with more than 250 items mounted on exhibit pages, includes off-cover and on-cover material of Nos. 10-10A and 11-11A, highlights abound, including No. 10A with red Boston "Paid" on piece, selection of large and small Boston "Paid" cancels, stampless cancels, patent cancel, postal clerk "decorated" stamps, colored cancels, numerous other better cancels, Newbern N.C. roulette (fewer than ten singles recorded, three of the singles sold in our Hulme sale for $1,000 each), Oct. 4, 1851 usage on cover from Plate 1L (which would predate the Scott listed EDU by two days), No. 11 original-gum imprint strip of 5 (faults), "Way" and "Steam" markings, missent and forwarded covers, corner cards, an abundance of plate and recut varieties including examples of triple transfers, plate cracks, impression varieties, "Three Rows" positions showing the various dramatic recuts from Plate 3 Left, a small study of plate spacing varieties showing straddle-pane margins -- some with centerlines, sheet margins and imprints, pre-printing paper creases, inking varieties, stitch watermark, many others, most items are described with text on the pages, the condition almost universally nice with fresh stamps and covers and beautifully struck markings


This collection is being offered nearly intact as Mr. Wagshal acquired it from the estate of Mr. Card approximately 30 years ago. Only a few rare items have been removed and offered as separate lots. Mr. Card used varieties and covers to tell the story of the 3c 1851 Issue without sacrificing aesthetics or condition

E. 5,000-7,500
3c Orange Brown, Ty. I & II, Part Plating Study (10-10A). Approximately 380 stamps arranged by plate row on stock sheets, Plates 1E, 1i, 2E, 5E and 0, greatest strength is in Plate 2E, many with four margins and attractive cancels, small amount of duplication and some with pen cancels, a few faults to be expected from this large a study, overall condition is better than often seen, a valuable assemblage representing more than 35% of all possible positions from these plates, conservative Scott Retail counting all stamps from Plates 1E and 1i as the cheaper No. 10A approximately $57,000.00

E. 5,000-7,500
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3c Orange Brown, Ty. I & II, Off-Cover Balance (10-10A). More than 125 stamps arranged on stock sheets, many with plating notations on back, vast majority with handstamp cancels, several quite nice incl. blue, red, magenta, greenish, "Steam Boat", "Paid", others, some shade variation, few faults but most are sound and many are Very Fine, worthwhile group, Scott Retail counting all stamps as No. 10A approximately $18,750.00

E. 2,000-3,000
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3c 1851 Issue, Part Plating Study (11-11A). A colossal holding of more than 1,300 plated stamps, appears to be complete for Plates 3 (including a complete reconstruction of the "Three Rows" positions from the left pane) and 4, otherwise ranges between a smattering to a decent percentage of the positions for Plates 1L, 2L, 3, 5L, 6, 7 and 8, some duplication as well, obviously a huge range of available plate varieties and shades, while pen cancels will be found as usual in plating studies, many more attractive cancellations are present as well, some of this material was the working stock that DeVere Card used and removed in making his improvements to the Dr. Chase complete imperforate plating (see lot 3003), a valuable and useful group for the specialist, Scott Retail approximately $19,500.00

E. 2,000-3,000
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3c 1851 Issue, Color Study (10-11A). Approximately 200 stamps, the bulk consisting of the DeVere Card 3c Imperforate Color Study Exhibit, mounted on pages with explanatory text, more than 25 of the 150 stamps in the exhibit are Nos. 10 or 10A, incl. five identified as Copper Brown (Scott Retail $1,250.00 each), two Yellowish Orange Brown, Bright Orange Brown, Pinkish, Brownish Orange, others, for Nos. 11 and 11A examples identified by owner as Plate 1L and Plate 2L Experimental Orange Brown, five identified as Plum (Scott Retail $2,000.00 each), Dull Rose Red, Dull Red, Purple Claret and many more, lot also includes approximately 50 stamps compiled by Mr. Wagshal for interesting color varieties, incl. ten or so of Nos. 10 or 10A, perforated examples of Experimental Orange Brown, a few covers, condition generally better than might be expected for a group of this nature with many sound and attractive stamps, no doubt a few colors misidentified


Many of the DeVere Card stamps are ex Chase. Several stamps accompanied by notes from Dr. Amonette

E. 5,000-7,500
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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3009, Other Plate Reconstructions and Study Collections3c 1851 Issue, Color Study by Year (10-11A), 3c 1851 Issue, Color Study by Year (10-11A)3c 1851 Issue, Color Study by Year (10-11A). Ten index cards with mounted stamps organized by year, 1851 cards contain 12 singles of No. 10 or 10A, shades include the standard Orange Brown as well as Yellowish, Reddish and Brownish shades, one on Part India paper (Scott Retail $1,250.00), also late 1851 Plate 1L Experimental Orange Brown, 1852 cards with 17 stamps showing early and late Clarets, range of Brownish Carmine from pale to deep (incl. straddle-pane margin pair with centerline), 1853-55 cards with 18 stamps ranging from Dull Red to shades of Dull Rose Red and pale to deep Orange Red, 1856 cards with 16 stamps showing range of Yellowish Rose Red, Brownish Carmine, as well as an 1856 Orange Brown and 1856 Pinkish (Orange Brown mounted on an 1851 card), 1857 cards with 16 stamps and one cover showing the range of Clarets, finally an 1857 card with Dull Rose Brown, Dull Yellow Brown and the rare Plum (Scott Retail $2,000.00), a few pen-cancelled but overall attractive four-margin stamps prevail, a valuable and Very Fine color chart, several stamps accompanied by notes from the premier color specialist of the Issue, Dr. Amonette

E. 2,000-3,000
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