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Sale 996 — The Wagshal Collection, Part 3:
3c 1851-57 Issues

Sale Date — Thursday, 21 October, 2010

Category — 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I

Cat./Est. Value
3c Rose, Ty. I & II, Part Plating Study (25-25A). An impressive group of more than 350 plated stamps, including more than 260 of No. 25A (Scott Retail $550.00 each), approximate breakdown includes Ty. I No. 25 -- Plate 4 (25 stamps Left, 32 stamps Right), Plate 6 (10 stamps Left, 18 stamps Right, incl. recut bust Pos 47R6 -- Scott Retail $1,500.00), a handful from Plate 7, Plate 8 (10 stamps Left, 23 stamps Right), Ty. II No. 25A -- Plate 2L (51 stamps Left, 35 stamps Right), Plate 3 (13 stamps Left, 55 stamps Right), Plate 5L (51 stamps Left, 58 stamps Right), some faults but many sound and attractive stamps to be found, a rare opportunity to acquire a vast number of the scarcer perforated types at one time, massive Scott Retail value (approximately $155,000.00)

E. 10,000-15,000
Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3188, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Unused (no gum), unusually choice centering for this tightly-spaced issue with perfs clear three sides, just slightly in at top, single shortish perf at bottom and unpunched perf at top, trivial natural inclusion, Very Fine appearance

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3189, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Positions 5-6/15-16R4, block of four, unused (no gum), relatively nice centering for this tightly-spaced issue, some staining almost entirely confined to the back, Fine appearance, with 1984 P.F. certificate, Scott Retail as four no gum singles

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3190, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Brilliant color, beautifully centered with balanced margins, neat strike of town datestamp, Extremely Fine

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3191, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Position 91R7, straddle-pane margin with centerline at left, bright color, blue circular grid cancel, single irregular perf at top, Very Fine appearance

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3192, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I, "Recut Bust" (25 var), 3c Rose, Ty. I, "Recut Bust" (25 var)3c Rose, Ty. I, "Recut Bust" (25 var). Position 47R6, clear recut of lines on bust and bottom of medallion circle, rich color, centered slightly to bottom right, neat strike of "Sep. 21, 1857" circular datestamp, Fine and attractive example of this scarce recut variety, with 1969 P.F. certificate

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3193, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Beautiful bold strike of greenish blue negative "ST" in Star fancy cancel of Coushatta Chute La. (Skinner-Eno ST-C 10), tiny corner crease of little consequence, Very Fine strike and an exceptionally rare example of this distinctive fancy cancel, we are aware of only one other, an on-cover example that was part of the Louis Grunin collection (Christie's March 25, 1987, lot 89)

E. 750-1,000
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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3194, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Two horizontal pairs, both with choice centering and rich color, slightly different shades, town datestamps, Very Fine-Extremely Fine

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3195, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I-II (25-25A), 3c Rose, Ty. I-II (25-25A)3c Rose, Ty. I-II (25-25A). Vertical pair and single respectively, pair with clear strike of straightline "U. STATES"%$ exchange handstamp, some staining on back and couple tiny tears in bottom stamp, Fine appearance, single with two part strikes of same handstamp, minor perf flaw, Very Fine appearance

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3196, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I, "Star Crack" Study (25 var), 3c Rose, Ty. I, "Star Crack" Study (25 var)3c Rose, Ty. I, "Star Crack" Study (25 var). 13 items comprising an extensive study of the major Plate 7 "Star Crack", including four off-cover from Position 47R7 (two singles and two in vertical pairs), four singles of Position 48R7, large piece of a cover with five No. 25 singles incl. both Positions 47R and 48R7, covers with single examples of each position, also a vertical strip of three (Positions 28/38/48R7) and a vertical strip of five (Positions 7/17/27/37/47R7), each from an early impression without the major plate crack, couple of small flaws do not detract, overall Fine-Very Fine, a fascinating group of these two prominent positions and seldom offered in quantity, there are believed to be only a handful of each of the two positions known without the crack and the strip of five is the largest known multiple, Scott Retail for just the plate crack positions and not counting the additional stamps

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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3197, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Three of No. 25 on separate covers, each stamp appears to be part imperforate, two with pen cancels, rough edges on the imperforate side caused by tearing from the sheet, few other small faults, also single of No. 25A on cover, perfs on this stamp complete or faint at left on top third of stamp, remainder of left side imperforate, torn from sheet below the incomplete perfs, Alum Spring circular datestamp, Fine appearing and interesting group

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3198, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Used with Imperforate 3c Brownish Carmine, Ty. II (11A), Plate 5L, and tied by clear strike of blue "Eastern R.R. Ms. Jul. 29" route agent's circular datestamp on cover to Manchester Vt., receipt docketing at top, perforated stamp with small pre-use crease, minor cover edgewear and barely reduced at right, still a scarce and beautiful combination Imperforate and Perforated railroad usage

E. 300-400
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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3199, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). Block of nine and single, cancelled by red grids and affixed to back of buff cover to Rome, Italy, front with matching "Warrenton N.C. Jan. 2" (1859) circular datestamp, strikes of both black "New York Br. Pkt. 23 Jan. 11" (debit) and red "New York Br. Pkt. 7 Jan. 11" (credit) circular datestamps, docketed "via the first steamer from N. York or Boston", sent via Cunarder America and Prussian Closed Mail, red Aachen transit handstamp on reverse, 30c in U.S. postage paid the single Prussian Closed Mail rate but did not include the additional rate for mail going beyond the GAPU and was completely disregarded, manuscript "45" kreuzer due rating crossed out and in same pen manuscript "33" rating, Rome receiving datestamp ties the block of nine, cover slightly reduced at left and some edgewear, stamps with offset from rating marks


This cover combines several interesting features. The presence of both the 23c debit to Prussia for an unpaid letter via Prussian Closed Mail and the 7c credit for a pre-paid letter is contradictory, and neither marking is crossed out. The New York foreign mail clerk may not have initially seen the franking on the reverse and therefore struck the black debit marking before correcting his mistake with the red credit, or he may have struck the red credit marking first and then realized that the letter would be short paid going to Rome and so struck the black marking as unpaid. In addition, despite the fact that under the Prussian convention letters could not be part paid, typically mail that was addressed beyond the borders of the GAPU was accepted as prepaid to the border with the 30c rate. This letter's prepayment was totally disregarded. Whatever the reasons for its handling, this is a rare and fascinating usage.

Signed Ashbrook

E. 4,000-5,000
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Sale Number 996, Lot Number 3200, 1857 3c Perforated Issue - Type I3c Rose, Ty. I (25), 3c Rose, Ty. I (25)3c Rose, Ty. I (25). 57 covers, huge range of towns, a number of better items incl. strip of four on cover sent within Maine (faults), strip of three with 1c 1857, pair, single with part imprint, illustrated design and corner cards, bold straightline "Paid", "Advertised", plate varieties incl. flaws and major cracks (47R7, 48R7, Scott Retail $750.00 each), Plate 5 rust spots, April 9, 1857 usage, many others, some faults to be expected but many are sound and attractive, Scott Retail more than $10,000.00

E. 1,500-2,000
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