Sale 988 — The Steven C. Walske Collection of Civil War Special Routes

Sale Date — Thursday, 27 May, 2010

Category — Flag-of-Truce Mail: Jackson-Vicksburg

Cat./Est. Value
Sale 988, Lot 227, Flag-of-Truce Mail: Jackson-VicksburgCastle Morgan, Cahaba Ala. Inner prisoner-of-war cover to New Corwin O., with original letter datelined "Cahaba Alibama (sic) February 11th 65", endorsed "Prisoners Letter", censored on back by Cahaba Commander Capt. Howard Andrew Millett Henderson "Exd. H.A.M. Henderson Capt. & Asst Agh of Exchange, C.S.A.", "Vicksburg Miss. Mar. 9, 186(5)" double-circle datestamp and "Due 6" handstamp for U.S. unpaid rate, contemporary ink staining on both sides, Fine and rare, the U.S. capture of Vicksburg in July 1863 placed U.S. and C.S.A. forces in close proximity, Vicksburg was designated by the U.S. as a principal exchange point in the West, but flag-of-truce mail through that point is surprisingly rare, approximately 10 covers are known from Castle Morgan, illustrated in Special Routes (p.78)

E. 750-1,000
Sale 988, Lot 228, Flag-of-Truce Mail: Jackson-VicksburgCastle Morgan, Cahaba Ala. Brown homemade prisoner-of-war cover to Bushnell Ill., endorsed "Prisoner's Letter", manuscript censor mark on back "Approved Capt. & Asst. Commr of Exchange C.S.A.", entered U.S. mails with partially clear strike of "Vicksburg Miss. Mar 9, 1865" circular datestamp, "Due 6" handstamp for unpaid mail, Very Fine, the Jackson-Vicksburg flag-of-truce route was opened in mid-1864, Harrison records only 10 covers from Cahaba (p. 17; this cover illustrated on p.18)

E. 1,000-1,500
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Sale 988, Lot 229, Flag-of-Truce Mail: Jackson-VicksburgJohnson's Island, Sandusky O. Inner cover to a prisoner at Johnson's Island, examined at Vicksburg prior to entry into U.S. mails with manuscript "Vicksburg Miss. Oct. 9/64 Examined & Approved T.M.McDougall Lieut & ADC" censor marking, faint "Vicksburg Miss. Oct. 12, 1864" double-circle datestamp, no U.S. postage or due marks, examined again on arrival with oval "Prisoner's Letter, Johnson's Island, Examined O.F.W." handstamp of Oscar F. White of the 28th O.V.I., cover missing backflap and small nick at top left just into examiner's endorsement, otherwise Fine, rare example of northbound mail carried via the Vicksburg-Jackson flag-of-truce route

E. 400-500
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Sale 988, Lot 230, Flag-of-Truce Mail: Jackson-VicksburgJackson Miss. Inner flag-of-truce cover to Brandon Miss., possibly from prisoner at Johnson's Island Prison in Sandusky O., censored at Vicksburg with manuscript "Examined and Approved JB Weeks Lt. and A.D.C.", C.S.A. postage paid by 10c Blue, Die A (11), large margins, tied by "Jackson Miss Apr" (1865) circular datestamp, cover with tears and missing part of backflap, some edge restoration, still Fine and rare example of southbound mail carried via the Vicksburg-Jackson flag-of-truce route, illustrated in Special Routes (p. 78)

E. 750-1,000
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