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Sale 954 — U.S. and C.S.A. Postal History

Sale Date — Thursday, 10 April, 2008

Category — Hawaii

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 954, Lot Number 3141, HawaiiHonolulu*Hawaiian Islands*Nov. 14, Honolulu*Hawaiian Islands*Nov. 14Honolulu*Hawaiian Islands*Nov. 14. Bold red circular datestamp on brown cover to "Lt. Maury, U.S.S. Mississippi, San Francisco", "San Francisco Cal. 8 Dec." (1854) circular datestamp and "Ship 6" clamshell handstamp, minor edgewear and small edge repair at bottom right, still Very Fine, a scarce cover addressed to a U.S. naval officer in San Francisco, the U.S.S. Mississippi was the flagship that Admiral Perry used eight months earlier to open Japan to U.S. trade

E. 750-1,000
Sale Number 954, Lot Number 3142, Hawaii1865, 5c Blue on Blue (21), 1865, 5c Blue on Blue (21)1865, 5c Blue on Blue (21). Plate 9-A, Type X, Position 2, large even margins all around, cancelled by square grid, used with United States 1863 5c Brown (76), s.e. at right, some trimmed perfs at bottom and faint toned spots, both stamps tied by target cancel with duplex "San Francisco Cal. Jan. 10, 1866" double-circle datestamp on buff cover to Boston Mass., originating red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Dec. 3" circular datestamp, endorsed "Per Steamer via Panama", small scuffs at bottom of cover from previous hinge removal, Hawaiian stamp has faint gum spots and tiny wrinkle at right


This cover was carried on the Maunakea, which cleared Honolulu on Dec. 4, 1865, arriving in San Francisco on Jan. 5, 1866.

Ex Knapp and Judd. With 1981 and 2007 P.F. certificates

E. 4,000-5,000
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Sale Number 954, Lot Number 3143, Hawaii1871, 18c Dull Rose (34), 1871, 18c Dull Rose (34)1871, 18c Dull Rose (34). Two singles, each tied by "Honolulu H.I. Dec. 17, 1897" duplex datestamp and oval on cover to London, England, marked "Registered" by sender but evidently did not enter registered mails (none of the necessary markings are present), Limehouse backstamp, stamp with gum toning, otherwise Very Fine, ex Honolulu Advertiser

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 954, Lot Number 3144, Hawaii1894, 2c Brown (75), 1894, 2c Brown (75)1894, 2c Brown (75). Tied by "Honolulu H.I. Oct. 11 8MA [sic] 1898" circular datestamp on red and blue overall Hawaiian Flag Patriotic cover to Montgomery N.Y., endorsed "Soldier's Letter", San Francisco transit and receiving datestamp on back, stamp has small faults, still Extremely Fine, a spectacular and very rare design, the use of which coincides with both the Spanish-American War and Hawaii's annexation to the U.S., ex Pietsch, with 2007 P.F. certificate

E. 1,000-1,500
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Sale Number 954, Lot Number 3145, Hawaii1899, 1c Dark Green (80), 1899, 1c Dark Green (80)1899, 1c Dark Green (80). Five, tied by "Honolulu H.I. Aug. 14 3PM 1899" duplex datestamp on red and blue Flag & Shield Patriotic cover to Malden Mass., red "General Post Office, Honolulu" two-line backstamp, immaculate and Extremely Fine, scarce

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 954, Lot Number 3146, Hawaii1899, 5c Blue (82), 1899, 5c Blue (82)1899, 5c Blue (82). Tied by "Honolulu H.I. Aug. 14 3PM 1899" duplex datestamp on red and blue Flag & Shield Patriotic cover to Malden Mass., red "General Post Office, Honolulu" two-line handstamp, immaculate and Extremely Fine, scarce

E. 400-500
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1896, 2c-25c Officials (O1-O6). Complete set in sheets of 50 with full selvage all around, Mint N.H., some tropicalized gum toning and scattered brown spots, incl. an additional three sets of blocks of four hinged and part set of 6c, 10c & 25c blocks, Fine-Very Fine, a valuable and scarce set of sheets

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Balance of the Thurston Twigg-Smith Collection of Hawaiian Town Markings. Eight three-ring binders from the original collection (see Sale 931), still containing a large representative study collection of Hawaiian cancels and town postmarks arranged on high-quality stockpages, an approximate count of stamps and covers in each section follows (some of the stamps are stationery or postal card cut-outs, some of the covers are entires or postal cards, but we have not counted pieces of envelopes): Vol. 1, Meyer-Harris 1-499, 40 stamps, 13 covers; Vol. 2, Meyer-Harris 500-900, 4 stamps, 9 covers; Vol. 3, Oahu, 50 stamps, 55 covers; Vol. 4, Kauai, 96 stamps, a few covers; Vol. 4-5, Maui, 110 stamps, 4 covers; Vol. 5 Molokai, 21 stamps, one cover; Vol. 6-7, Hawaii, 156 stamps, 17 covers; Vol. 8, Miscellaneous, a few covers with missing stamps and a handful of worthy items; obviously the many individual lots in Sale 931 represent the "cream" of this important collection, but what remains is carefully annotated and of tremendous value to the Hawaiian specialist, some scarcer types noted, the first volume contains some steamship company datestamps on off-cover stamps and a salvaged wreck cover with 6c stamp added but bearing clear strike of "Damaged by Sea Immersion" handstamp applied in England, throughout the balance of the collection are numerous examples of scarce postal markings ideally suited for specialized collections, the reseller will have plenty of saleable individual items to mine from this holding, worth careful examination and a very aggressive bid

E. 5,000-7,500
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Balance of the Thurston Twigg-Smith Collection. The final lot from a lifetime collecting Hawaiian stamps and covers, comprising more than 100 stamps and covers in binders and loose, includes items passed over as individual lots in previous offerings (lots of stamps and covers with $10-100 value apiece), mostly Royal Portraits and later issues, some Postal Cards, approximately 60 corner card covers (many with high retail values), a group of 11 colorful picture postcards, a small group of returned lots from Sale 931 (most for extremely nitpicking reasons, so they still retain their value), a few reference copies of Numerals and a dangerous forgery of the Honolulu straightline on cover (with negative PFC), bidders should remember that this residual lot comes from a Hawaiian collection worth millions and is far above the average balance lot, careful examination recommended

E. 2,000-3,000
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