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Sale 964 — The W. Wilson Hulme II Collection

Sale Date — Tuesday, 2 December, 2008

Category — 3-Cent 1851 Issue (Balance of Shade Collection)

Cat./Est. Value
3c 1851-57 Issue, Massive Balance of the Shade Study Collection. This extraordinary lot comprises the 1,500+ stamps and covers which we did not lot individually, most arranged in ten stockbooks plus a stack of covers and stock cards in sleeves, some No. 10's but almost all are 1852-57 No. 11/11A shades and perforated Nos. 25/26 shades, the majority carefully annotated by shade and plate position in collaboration with Dr. William Amonette and Richard Celler, two of the volumes are the balance of a lot purchased by Mr. Hulme for $23,000 in the November 2006 Bennett sale (from which stamps were removed by Mr. Hulme, but hundreds remain), most are used singles but we note a few unused and used perforated blocks, some pairs and strips and many covers, the scope and depth of this shade study cannot be adequately conveyed in this description, simply perusing the extensive notes from Dr. Amonette -- sprinkled with "scarce shade", "rare shade" and other adjectives -- leads us to conclude that this offering represents a singular opportunity to acquire not just a large quantity of philatelic material, but to benefit from the expertise of the pre-eminent students of the 3c 1851-57 Issue

E. 10,000-15,000
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