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Sale 940 — The Buck Boshwit Collection of Confederate States

Sale Date — Thursday, 27 September, 2007

Category — Army of Tennessee

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 940, Lot Number 560, Army of Tennessee10c Greenish Blue, Die A (11c), 10c Greenish Blue, Die A (11c)10c Greenish Blue, Die A (11c). Huge margins all around, tied by faint strike of Oct. 27 circular datestamp with well-struck "CHICAMAUGA" in rimless circle handstamp on cover to Washington Ga., Extremely Fine, a magnificent cover, one of the finest recorded strikes of the "Chicamauga" army field cancel, which was used between Oct. 25 and Nov. 14, 1863

E. 1,000-1,500
Sale Number 940, Lot Number 561, Army of Tennessee10c Greenish Blue, Die B (12c), 10c Greenish Blue, Die B (12c)10c Greenish Blue, Die B (12c). Large margins, tied by well-struck "Army of Tenn." three-line handstamp on cover to Pleasant Grove Ala., Very Fine strike of this scarce army field cancel

E. 500-750
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Sale Number 940, Lot Number 562, Army of Tennessee"Chickamauga Tenn. Sept. 7", "Chickamauga Tenn. Sept. 7""Chickamauga Tenn. Sept. 7". Ms. postmark with matching "Due 10" on cover to Prattville Ala., soldier's endorsement at left, cover fold at bottom right, Very Fine

E. 300-400
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Sale Number 940, Lot Number 563, Army of Tennessee10c Blue, Die A, Perforated (11e), 10c Blue, Die A, Perforated (11e)10c Blue, Die A, Perforated (11e). Rich color, tied by Army of Tennessee grid (Ty. ATN 3 EG) on brown cover to Talladega with endorsement "W. J. Rhodes, Army of Tennessee" across top, Extremely Fine, extremely rare use of the official perforated issue with military office cancel -- only two previously reported, but at least three are known to us

E. 1,000-1,500
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Sale Number 940, Lot Number 564, Army of Tennessee10c Blue, Die B, Perforated (12f), 10c Blue, Die B, Perforated (12f)10c Blue, Die B, Perforated (12f). Tied by Army of Tennessee grid (Ty. ATN 3 EG) on homemade cover to Sardis Miss., pencil "J.G. McGehee 1864" and "Near Nashville", stamp with small tear at right, otherwise Very Fine, rare Army of Tennessee usage (three known to us), Mr. Boshwit surmised that this may have been posted by a soldier serving under General Hood during his unsuccessful attempt to take Nashville

E. 1,000-1,500
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