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Sale 950 — U.S. and C.S.A. Postal History

Sale Date — Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

Category — Literature

Cat./Est. Value
Senator Ernest Ackerman. Three-part sale from 1943-51 held by J.C Morgenthau, bound in grey buckram with some PR's, also with letter from Ackerman to Ward describing acquisition of block of 16 of 5c 1847 for $500, this complete set of the Ackerman catalogues is surprisingly difficult to find

E. 250-300
John R. Boker, Jr. German States Catalogues. Eight-part sale housed in two light blue solanders with prices realized and Kohler inserts, incl. four-page letter written by Mr. Boker to Stanley Bierman describing prior holdings, names of buyers and some private treaty information, an excellent set of catalogues

E. 300-400
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Ezra Cole Autobiography. 150pp typewritten manuscript of the philatelic reminiscences of one of the most famous dealers of all time, covering topics such as Bissel correspondence, Ice House cover, dealings with major collectors such as Caspary, Newbury, Morgenthau etc., an excellent if sometimes rambling read

E. 150-200
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Colson's Postage Stamps and Their Collection. 1907 hardbound volume, also incl. his Postage Stamps for Advanced Collectors, also run of 20 unbound booklets with stories of great stamps and philatelic calendar, a wonderful resource from the first few decades of the 20th Century

E. 200-300
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Hiram Deats Auction Catalogues. Six sales consisting of U.S. Revenues, (2), U.S. (2) and other Match & Medicines and Revenues (2), in black solander with gold stamping, also incl. short biography of Deats, copies of correspondence to Ward regarding Tin Foils, also personal wooden calling card, a rare set of catalogues with some nice collateral items

E. 750-1,000
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Edward Frossard. Complete set of six sales held from 1887-88 and sold thru George A. Leavitt & Co., bound in tan buckram, one of the earliest and greatest holdings of Match & Medicines, Proprietary and other Revenues (many of which went to Deats), also incl. E.B. Sterling sale from 1878 of U.S. stamps (ex Mason)

E. 300-400
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Arthur Hind Collection. 1933 Phillips sale, Warren Colson's personal copy with pencilled names of buyers and prices realized, a wonderful resource

E. 200-300
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Mercury Stamp Journal. Complete from first issue (Feb. 1947) thru May 1962 and in two grey buckram binders, Very Fine, the single most important U.S. periodical on classic Europe

E. 150-200
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Sanabria Air Post News. Complete from Vol. I (Nov. 1935) thru Vol. XXII (Jan. 1963) less Vols. 18 and 19, mostly bounds in green buckram, a phenomenal resource for the Air Post collector

E. 150-200
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Wharton Sinkler Collection. Two catalogues from 1940 of this important collection, bound in red buckram with PR's, also incl. book written by Sinkler's wife about her husband, additional items incl. photo and some Weill ephemera, an outstanding group of items relating to this important block collection

E. 200-300
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Literature Balance. Wonderful holding of philatelic literature, many better auction sales incl. Walter Klein (5 sales), Romanow German States (5 sales), complete set of the Tows Collection (6 sales), also many pamphlets and stories from 1906 onwards incl. The Story of Stanley Gibbons, booklets by Charles Phillips, L & N Williams book, most items are not easily found such as few philatelic interviews, a wonderful holding

E. 1,500-2,000
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