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Sale 904 — Superb United States Stamps

Sale Date — Saturday, 10 December, 2005

Category — Mint Never-Hinged Inverted

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 904, Lot Number 499, Mint Never-Hinged Inverted24c Carmine Rose & Blue, Center Inverted (C3a), 24c Carmine Rose & Blue, Center Inverted (C3a)24c Carmine Rose & Blue, Center Inverted (C3a). Position 84, Mint Never Hinged, rich colors, wide margins with centering better than most examples from the original sheet of 100, couple tiny natural inclusions on back only, pencil notation on back noting position


According to Jenny by George Amick (Amos Press, 1986), the original sheet of 100 Inverted "Jenny" stamps was purchased for $24 by William T. Robey at the New York Avenue Branch Post Office window in Washington D.C., on May 14, 1918, one day after the stamp was first placed on sale at the main post office. On May 20, Robey sold his sheet for $15,000 to Eugene Klein, a Philadelphia stamp dealer. Klein had already arranged to sell the sheet to Col. Edward H. R. Green for $20,000. Colonel Green instructed Klein to divide the Inverted "Jenny" sheet into singles and blocks, and to sell all but a few key position blocks.

It is well-known among stamp specialists and professionals that examples of the Inverted "Jenny" come in different grades of freshness and condition. Many of the original 100 stamps were mistreated by collectors during the years, despite the stamps' rarity and value. Colonel Green himself allowed moisture to affect some of the stamps he retained. Other examples have become slightly toned from improper storage and climatic conditions. Hinge removal has caused thins and creases in numerous stamps, and at least seven have been "lost" to philately -- or nearly so, as in the case of the copy swept up in a vacuum cleaner.

This example is remarkable for its pristine state of preservation. Our review of the census of the Inverted "Jenny" has found that there are only six positions that are either Mint N.H., or are potentially in Mint N.H. condition. These are: Positions 29, 33, 68, 74, 77 and 84. Of these, Position 29 may have a paper speck (needs to be confirmed).

Ex Dick and Matthews. With 1969 P.F certificate and 2005 P.S.E. certificate (F-VF 75). We feel that this stamp deserves a grade of VF 80.

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