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Sale 875 — United States and Confederate States Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday, 27 April, 2004

Category — 1894-98 Bureau Issues

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1016, 1894-98 Bureau Issues1c Blue (264), 1c Blue (264)1c Blue (264). Tied by "Mobile Ala. Apr. 23, 1897" duplex cancel on 1c Postal Card to Abyssinia, Africa, bold Aden and French Paquebot transits on front, blue Djibouti transit on reverse, with printed Chirstian message on reverse, card with couple tiny faults, otherwise Very Fine, a scarce destination

E. 300-400
Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1017, 1894-98 Bureau Issues2c Carmine, Ty. I, "DUE 2" Postage Due Handstamp (265 var), 2c Carmine, Ty. I, "DUE 2" Postage Due Handstamp (265 var)2c Carmine, Ty. I, "DUE 2" Postage Due Handstamp (265 var). S.e. at top, used on locally-addressed attorney's corner card cover mailed without stamp, Detroit Mich. Jun. 23, 1895 machine cancel, "Due 2" straightline struck on cover, Very Fine, the Detroit post office used regular stamps with the handstamped "Due 2" when the supply of postage due stamps was exhausted

E. 500-750
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Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1018, 1894-98 Bureau Issues2c Carmine, Ty. III (267), 2c Carmine, Ty. III (267)2c Carmine, Ty. III (267). Used with 10c Dark Green (273) which is affixed to back, both stamps tied by "Singapore MR 7, 1899" datestamps on cover to Manchester, England, receiving backstamp, some slight edgewear, 10c torn on openng, otherwise Fine, unusual usage, with 1987 B.P.A. certificate

E. 300-400
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Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1019, 1894-98 Bureau Issues5c Chocolate (270), 5c Chocolate (270)5c Chocolate (270). Pulled perfs at top, tied by "New-York Dec. 11 6PM 97" duplex on brown-orange Harper's Magazine illustrated ad cover to Tura, Assam (India), Sea P.O. and Tura receiving backstamps, ink smear, Very Fine

E. 100-150
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Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1020, 1894-98 Bureau Issues50c Orange (275), 50c Orange (275)50c Orange (275). Creased and faults, tied by "New-York 3-7 03" oval datestamp on supplementary mail cover to France, sender's endorsement "per S.S. Campania" with additional notation "Suppl'y", folded at bottom, Very Fine appearance, scarce single use of 50c 1895

E. 150-200
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Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1021, 1894-98 Bureau Issues1c Green (279), 1c Green (279)1c Green (279). Tied by Passaic N.J. oval on Speer Wine Co. multicolored advertising cover to Philadelphia, magnificent design picturing building and wine cellar, Speer Park Fountain, "Chateau de Speer" and vineyard, a work of art, Extremely Fine, the oeniphile's philatelic dream

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1022, 1894-98 Bureau Issues10c Brown, Ty. I (282C), 10c Brown, Ty. I (282C)10c Brown, Ty. I (282C). Used with 3c Purple (268) on 5c entire, cancelled by "Northampton Mass. Dec. 27, 1898" duplexes on registered cover to Germany, fresh and Very Fine, scarce early use, the earliest documented use is December 10, 1898, with 1999 A.P.S. certificate describing this as the earliest documented use, which it was until recently

E. 200-300
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