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Sale 875 — United States and Confederate States Postal History

Sale Date — Tuesday, 27 April, 2004

Category — Spanish-American War and Military Mails

Cat./Est. Value
Spanish-American War Soldier's Correspondence. 63 covers, most with Camp Cuba Libre patriotic design and Jacksonville Fla. pmk. and franked with No. 279B except 18 mailed from Cuba with Havana Cuba Military Station pmks (incl. 12 stamps with Cuban ovpt.) and 4 with Savannah Ga. pmks., 5 covers franked with No. 286, most with original letter on Camp stationery with same design on letterhead as cover, written by Sgt. Will J. Davidson of the Iowa 49th to his family in Toledo Iowa, few faults to be expected, overall Fine-Very Fine

E. 1,000-1,500
Spanish-American War Patriotic Cover Collection. Important collection of 249 covers, comprising 197 Patriotics and 52 Patriotic advertising covers, 197 Patriotics mostly with camp postmarks and sorted by camp, better usages incl. nine from Philippines, six from Cuba, three from Hawaii incl. two with Hawaiian stamps and one with US No. 286, six foreign destinations incl. No. 273 (pair) to Germany, No. 288 on all-over flag design cover to Switzerland, No. 289 used with No. 281 to Germany, No. 290 on all-over flag design cover to Germany, No. 290 on all-over flag design cover to France, other pmks. incl. Puerto Rico, R.P.O., camps incl. Camp Thomas (Chickamauga Park GA), Fort Sheridan IL, Camp Tom Ball (Houston TX), Camp Poland (Knoxville TN), Camp Olympia (Essex VT), Camp Shipp (Anniston AL), Fort Sill OK, many others, advertising covers incl. huge multicolored card with ships on one side and printed message from patent attorney on other, few faults to be expected, overall Fine-Very Fine, a major offering that could be turned into an award-winning exhibition collection

E. 5,000-7,500
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AEF Covers. Four items, incl. one cover from Siberia with Feb. 18, 1919 duplex to N.Y., one with Oct. 29, 1918 double-circle datestamp with Knights of Columbus corner card return address, one with typed "Cabinet du Marechal Foch" and censor's handstamp to Cincinnati, last item is card of Marshall Foch with ms. "receivements", Very Fine

E. 200-300
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Commander In Chief, Pacific Fleet. 129 legal-size covers with Semi-Official Navy Dept. printed imprints addressed to the Commander at the Fleet Post Office in San Francisco, most franked with Presidential issues to 20c incl. some mixed and some solo, variety of cancels incl. anchor in circle, few different grids and other geometrics, violet "R"s, few different "U.S. Navy" circular datestamps, many from different ships, few roughly opened at top, overall Fine-Very Fine, an interesting lot

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 875, Lot Number 1090, Spanish-American War and Military MailsWorld War II Mails Suspended, World War II Mails SuspendedWorld War II Mails Suspended. Three covers with New York City banana broker's corner card and addressed to Athens, Greece, handstamped for return to sender with "No Service" and Egyptian censor labels, frankings incl. 30c Winged Globe with 20c Presidential pair (legal-size), pair of 30c Winged Globe with 10c Presidential, and 50c Transport with block of 5c Presidential, minor opening faults, otherwise Fine, a remarkable trio

E. 150-200
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World War II Military Mail. Few hundred covers, strength in A.P.O.'s incl. 3, 43, 173, 225, 302, 395, 578, 680, 716 , 763, 776, and many others, few Navals, many with govt. agency imprints, also incl. bundle of Official Election War Ballot covers, few faults as usual, mostly Fine-Very Fine

E. 400-500
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