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Sale 886 — The Dr. Robert LeBow Collection, Part 2: United States

Sale Date — Wednesday, 10 November, 2004

Category — Colonial Period

Cat./Est. Value
Sale Number 886, Lot Number 3001, Colonial Period(Delaware/Pennsylvania) "From Harrington, April 18th, 1687", (Delaware/Pennsylvania) "From Harrington, April 18th, 1687"(Delaware/Pennsylvania) "From Harrington, April 18th, 1687". Dateline on folded letter in Old English from Jonathan Farmer in Harrington, Delaware (then part of Pennsylvania) to "Joseph Dudley, Esq., near Boston in New England -- Post", age spotting, otherwise Very Fine, extremely rare early Colonial letter, information on the addressee is found at "Dudley was a member of the Massachusetts General Court (1673 - 1676), and he fought the Naragansett Indians during King Philip's War (1675). Dudley was a member of the Upper House in the Massachusetts Bay legislature (1676 - 1683, 1684), and was Commander of the United Colonies of New England (1677 - 1681), until King James II replaced him. Dudley served his replacement, Governor Andros, as a member of the governor's Council, and then as President of the Council (1684). Dudley was also in charge of press censorship for Governor Andros, and he served as Chief Justice of Colonial Superior Court (1687 - 1689)." After the Dutch Protestant William of Orange and his wife Mary came to the English throne, replacing the English Catholic King James II in The Glorious Revolution of 1688, Dudley was appointed chief of the Council of New York (served 1690 -1692). He then became deputy governor for The Isle of Wight. Dudley concluded his administrative career as Royal Governor for Massachusetts under Queen Anne (1702 - 1715).

E. 1,500-2,000
Sale Number 886, Lot Number 3002, Colonial PeriodNEW/YORK, NEW/YORKNEW/YORK. Bold two-line handstamp and "22/IY" (Jul. 22) Franklin mark on back of 1769 folded cover from West Chester N.Y. to Westminster, England, endorsed "P Packet" and rated "1N", minor age spotting, opened to show markings on flap, Very Fine Colonial packet letter with a clear strike of this early New York handstamp

E. 400-500
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Sale Number 886, Lot Number 3003, Colonial PeriodPHILA/DELPHIA, PHILA/DELPHIAPHILA/DELPHIA. Red two-line handstamp and "27/IY" (Jul. 27) Franklin mark on back of 1771 folded letter to Salem Mass., ms. "4" rate, minor wear along folds, otherwise Fine, scarce early Colonial marking

E. 150-200
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Sale Number 886, Lot Number 3004, Colonial Period-1/2p New York (RM9), -1/2p New York (RM9)-1/2p New York (RM9). Clear strike on "The New-York Mercury" newspaper of Monday, May 1, 1758 (No. 298, four pages), contents include war, shipping and news about privateers, Very Fine strike of this scarce revenue marking

E. 750-1,000
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2p Codfish, 3p Pine Tree, 4p Ship, Massachusetts (RM2-RM4). Each clearly impressed on separate 1750's documents, also incl. 1713 London Evening Post with Great Britain -1/2p Red Newpaper stamp (which first appeared in 1712) and No. RM31a (off document), Very Fine group illustrating various forms of taxation in Great Britain and Colonial America, Scott Retail for RM2-RM4 and RM31a

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